Togolese Grilled Chicken

    This traditional chicken is a favorite food in the West African country of Togo. The marinade includes some of the most famous Togolese flavors: red palm oil, onions, garlic and ginger.

    Call them African doughnuts or call them mandazi — they’re scrumptious! Typically not as sweet as American doughnuts, they are usually unglazed and have a fluffy texture.
    Peruvian Hot Chocolate
    Peruvians warm up with a mug of their delicious, traditional hot chocolate spiced with cloves and cinnamon. These recipe ingredients double as a gift idea!
    Mango Jam
    In Nicaragua, mangoes are available year-round, although the harvest peaks in March and April. With this recipe, you can delight in the tropical taste of this delicious fruit anytime.
    Matooke With Peanut Sauce
    Top mashed plantains with peanut sauce in this savory recipe for Uganda's national dish.

    A Bangladeshi rice pudding, payesh is a dessert commonly served at ceremonies and holiday celebrations in the South Asian country.

    El Salvador
    Bean and Cheese Pupusas
    On Fridays during Lent, many people in El Salvador don't eat meat. Try these vegetarian treats for a taste of Salvadoran Easter anticipation!
    Soup Joumou

    Haitians traditionally enjoy this hearty, nutritious pumpkin soup on Haitian Independence Day.


    This pineapple dessert gives Indonesians even more reasons to celebrate on special occasions.

    Natilla y Bunuelos

    These holiday favorites are part of many celebrations in Colombia.

    Dominican Republic
    The Dominican Flag

    "La bandera" in Spanish, this famous dish features ingredients that represent the Caribbean country's flag.

    Quinoa and Black Bean Salad

    This protein-packed Bolivian dish can be served hot or cold.