Workplace Giving

Are you looking for a new opportunity to support Compassion? Many generous individuals choose to donate to Compassion through giving programs at their places of employment. There are several ways in which you may do this.

Corporate Campaigns & Giving

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Matching Gifts

Typically, if a company has a matching gifts program, for every dollar an employee donates to a charity, the company also donates a dollar to the same organization.

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Volunteer Grants

With Volunteer Grants, a company makes a monetary contribution to Compassion for every hour an employee volunteers or when an employee volunteers a set number of hours.

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Corporate Giving Campaigns

Every year many companies participate in a corporate giving campaign. Organizations such as Global Impact usually host these events.

Government Campaigns

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Combined Federal Campaign

When the Combined Federal Campaign kicks off at your workplace, you will be given a pledge card. To give to Compassion, simply write our CFC number (10522) in the space provided.

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State and Local Campaigns

Employees of state and local governments may be able to donate to Compassion through workplace campaigns. Many employees have the choice to give through payroll deductions.

Workplace Giving - Compassion International

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