Combined Federal Campaign

Your gifts to Compassion, through the Combined Federal Campaign, help save and transform lives! Here's how...

For the 12-month period ending June 30, 2019:

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  • Just over 2.1 million children registered in Compassion’s child sponsorship program were attended educational tutoring classes, received healthy meals provided to them each time they visit the child center, and enjoyed encouraging letters from their sponsors.
  • Compassion responded to more than 850,000 instances of medical need among our registered children, treating everything from common preventable diseases to life-threatening health issues.
  • Compassion-supported child development centers installed 2,035 new toilet units, providing more than 160,000 children with safe, comfortable and hygienic sanitation facilities that help prevent disease.
  • Through Compassion’s Child Survival initiatives, more than 22,200 mothers and their babies in developing countries received prenatal care, birth assistance, regular health checkups, nutritional supplements and emotional support through trained Survival Specialists.
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Two Children Smiling
How can I participate in this life-changing campaign?

Compassion participates in this campaign through Global Impact. When the campaign kicks off at your workplace, you will be given a pledge card. To give to Compassion, simply write our CFC number (10522) in the space provided.

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How will my gifts make a difference?

Your gifts each month will go toward meeting the most urgent needs of Compassion- assisted children, such as nutritional services, medical assistance, safe water and disaster relief. This vital program covers critical needs beyond what Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program can cover and offers hope to children who face a daily struggle just to survive.

A Solution from The Sky

In the village of Nyabisindu in southern Rwanda, few of the 1,000 inhabitants can afford the 3 cents it costs to buy 5 gallons of safe drinking water. Even if they could, the piped water is often only available at night and runs dry during the day.

At the local Compassion-assisted child development center, staff members did their best to provide registered children and their families with enough safe water to drink and cook with, but all they had were five water filters. Some parents would bring dirty water from a nearby swamp or contaminated well and wait while it slowly passed through one of the filters; others took their chances with the unfiltered water, and the children regularly suffered from intestinal worms, diarrhea and skin irritations.

“When we needed a lot of water to clean the center or cook meals for the children, we had to hire people to carry it from the community well,” remembers Muragizi Faustin, the center director. “It was expensive and it meant the children’s meals were often delayed because of long lines at the well.”

Thanks to generous Compassion donors, the center was able to fund a simple but effective solution — a rainwater collection system, including a tank that can hold more than 2,500 gallons and provides enough water for center activities and the children’s families. The center distributed filters for caregivers to use at home and provided comprehensive training in their use and maintenance and also in good hygiene practices.

“Now we have very few cases of waterborne disease, and attendance at the center has improved,” says Muragizi. The children are getting their meals on time and we no longer have to spend time, money and effort just collecting water from the well. We thank God that the whole community is healthier because of this great blessing.”

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Can my gifts be used to sponsor a child?

Since Compassion is not in control of when contributions are received through Global Impact, it is not possible to allocate them for sponsorship. Instead, your gift will go toward meeting the most urgent needs of Compassion-assisted children, but please know that you are always welcome to sponsor a child on your own!

Big Dreams Made Possible

I’m Gabriela and I’m 17 years old. I am currently studying for a technical high school degree in aviation mechanics. I never thought this could be possible. Where I’m from, becoming an aviation mechanic is known as a career for men instead of women, and technical courses aren’t normally affordable for families like mine.

I live 30 minutes away from El Salvador’s international airport so the company that provides maintenance for aircraft offers scholarships here. I was in ninth grade when I became a candidate for one of three aircraft mechanic scholarships. Many of my classmates applied, but in the end, only two other boys and I got them. My mom’s reaction was, “This is a job for boys, not for girls.” Yet, it’s been two years since I won this scholarship. And I am discovering so much about my future and myself.

A girl in airline mechanics

My first day of class I told myself, “I’m loving this!” It was a whole new world. I learned how to use the welding machine when other boys couldn’t. Now, every time we have to join some metal together, I’m the one who performs the welding. So far I’ve learned things I would have never thought that I could have learned. Proving that whatever a man can do, a woman can do, too.

My mom is the only provider of our family. She works in a factory and gets paid very little, so when I was 9 years old, I was enrolled in the Compassion child development center at Iglesia Evangelica Pan de Vida church near my home.

Since the school scholarship only includes the registration and monthly fees, I knew that I needed extra money for other expenses. Many of these expenses are paid for by the Compassion center, including my books.

The company that provided my current scholarship invites us to the airport facilities annually and I am filled with hope because at the end of this three-year scholarship, they have promised to hire me as an aircraft mechanic!

Thank you for considering giving to Compassion through the Combined Federal Campaign. The heartfelt contributions from people like you are making an incredible difference in the lives of children around the world.

Questions about CFC? Please feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help.

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