Your gifts of $91,900 to Compassion, through the Combined Federal Campaign, help save and transform lives! Here's how...

For the 12-month period ending June 30, 2020, the following actions were supported:

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  • Over 2,633,100 food packs and 1,688,000 hygiene kits were distributed to Compassion-assisted children and family members
  • Compassion’s Highly Vulnerable Children’s Fund provided emergency shelter to 5,469 beneficiaries, legal assistance to 627 beneficiaries, food and household assistance to 10,134 beneficiaries and ongoing care to 33,120 beneficiaries.
  • Compassion-supported child development centers installed 840 new toilet units, providing more than 60,000 children with safe, comfortable and hygienic sanitation facilities that help prevent disease.
  • Through Compassion’s Child Survival initiatives, more than 22,200 mothers and their babies in developing countries received prenatal care, birth assistance, regular health checkups, nutritional supplements and emotional support through trained Survival Specialists.
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How can I participate in this life-changing campaign?

Compassion participates in this campaign through Global Impact. When the campaign kicks off at your workplace, you will be given a pledge card. To give to Compassion, simply write our CFC number (10522) in the space provided.

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How will my gifts make a difference?

Your gifts each month will go toward meeting the most urgent needs of Compassion- assisted children, such as nutritional services, medical assistance, safe water and disaster relief. This vital program covers critical needs beyond what Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program can cover and offers hope to children who face a daily struggle just to survive.

Making Water Safe for Children

“Every time I am thirsty, I go to church to drink water because there is no clean drinking water in my house,” says Jimmy.

The 5-year-old lives in Manabí, Ecuador, a community so dry and arid that plants and trees don’t grow. It rains only a few times a year, so water is scarce. Families catch the precious rainwater in tanks but when these run dry, they rely on river water. Desperate, they are forced to wash, bathe and drink stagnant standing water for most of the year.

Compassion’s local church partners were constantly seeking ways to provide clean water to children and program centers. Initially, they hired water tankers, but they were expensive, and the water disappeared too soon. They needed a long-term solution.

Dismayed by the situation, Pastor Pedro DelHierro took action. His dream seemed audacious: a water purification and bottling project that all of Compassion’s church partners in the region could use. Compassion WaSH donors set the crucial project into motion.

As construction got underway, Pastor Pedro’s son Santiago still remembers their excitement at knowing lives were about to change. “The children had many gastric diseases. They had parasites, skin diseases and even anemia due to poor water quality, so we felt the need to implement this project,” Santiago says.

Today, the completed water purification and bottling plant filters more than 3,500 gallons of water per day. Purified by eight different processes, including carbon and ozone, the water is sent to 32 Compassion projects throughout the province. Through this, more than 7,000 children now have access to clean, safe water. No longer forced to drink dangerous stagnant water or unclean river water, the children’s health has improved. “Following the start of producing clean water for the child development centers, we have seen the reduction of stomach problems, parasites and skin diseases in the children,” says Santiago.

Three Compassion alumni are employed at the water processing plant. Leonardo, Cristian and Joel grew up attending activities at a CDC and receiving the benefits of the Compassion program. Today they serve in the ministry, distributing clean water to hundreds of children each week. “When I was a child, we drank rainwater and in the dry season, we didn’t have water. Many times, we drank dirty or stagnant water. Now, I am full of joy knowing the children can drink clean water and they no longer get sick,” says Joel.

After a day of fun at the Compassion center, many children bathe with the clean water before heading home, tired, happy and healthy. In this community, clean water is a blessing like rain in the desert.

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Can my gifts be used to sponsor a child?

Since Compassion is not in control of when contributions are received through Global Impact, it is not possible to allocate them for sponsorship. Instead, your gift will go toward meeting the most urgent needs of Compassion-assisted children, but please know that you are always welcome to sponsor a child on your own!

Supporting Children and Families in Poverty During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mary in Tanzania spent all of her savings to purchase food for her family during the early days of the pandemic. Her children’s Compassion center gave 10 kilograms of food to help them eat. “I have never been able to buy more than a quarter kilo of beans. Having 10 kilograms means that my family has food for months. The money that I would have used to buy food, we can put back into my business and building our house,” shares Mary.

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When the pandemic hit, many families in Bolivia were forced to choose between hygiene supplies or feeding their families. Cruz, a Compassion Program Director in Bolivia, shares, “When the pandemic started, families weren’t paying attention to the safety measures, so we distributed hygiene kits as soon as possible. Otherwise, they were at risk of getting infected.” More than 100,000 hygiene kits have been distributed to families in Bolivia.

Thank you for considering giving to Compassion through the Combined Federal Campaign. The heartfelt contributions from people like you are making an incredible difference in the lives of children around the world.

Questions about CFC? Please feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help.