Disaster Relief

In Compassion regions, we help children and families receive emergency aid when disasters strike.

When hurricanes make landfall and evacuation isn’t a possibility, the lives of the extremely poor are thrown into chaos. Homes and material possessions are destroyed, and lives are often lost. The affected communities and families become desperate for basic needs — shelter, food, water and health care — in order to survive and rebuild.

Compassion International can deliver your hurricane relief donation directly to the impacted area. Due to established church partners around the world, hurricane relief efforts can quickly provide aid to the families that need them most. The program meets immediate needs such as food, shelter and water, as well as critical needs for future development, like income generation and infrastructure development.

$2 Billion
from Hurricane Matthew

affected by Hurricane Matthew

$2 Million
for Hurricane Matthew relief efforts

Real-Life Help

Tamy was just 9 years old when Hurricane Matthew entered the Caribbean and brought devastation to Haiti. The home she shared with her grandmother was torn apart by this Category 5 storm. As the storm crashed around them, they fled to safety in their neighbor’s concrete home. As part of the Compassion program in Les Cayes, Tamy had the support of her local church and Compassion donors around the world.

Significant impacts were felt in Haiti, with over $2.8 billion in damage and 546 deaths. Thanks to hurricane relief donations, church partners in Haiti provided help to Tamy and many of her neighbors to receive the resources they desperately needed.

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Natural disasters kill around 90,000 people and impact approximately 160 million people worldwide every year. They often result in the destruction of the physical, biological and social environment of those affected, impacting their long-term health, well-being and survival.1

Natural disasters affect the world's poor most heavily because the poor are the most vulnerable. High-death tolls tend to occur in countries without the infrastructure to protect people and respond to events.

Disaster Relief and Recovery is a Long-Term Process

Compassion International is involved in the community before and after the hurricane. Our church partners are already invested in these communities and are able to access the most effective way to use hurricane relief fund donations in response to a disaster.

Giving your hurricane relief donation through a child-focused organization can be powerful. Children are often overlooked during natural disasters — they have few resources and no voice. It is essential they receive help from others like you.

When you give a hurricane relief donation, Compassion’s Disaster Relief Fund makes possible critical interventions, which may include:

  • Emergency food and water, temporary shelter, personal and household items, and school supplies.
  • Emergency medical supplies, sanitation needs and treatment coordination.
  • Replacement of such things as household items, school supplies and items a family needs to earn income.
  • Vocational training.
  • Trauma counseling, spiritual support and care for staff and their families and for children who have been orphaned or who live in other highly vulnerable circumstances due to disaster.
  • Infrastructure reconstruction for affected staff, beneficiaries and church partners.

Contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund are also able to help during medical emergencies, such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Any funds raised beyond what is needed for specific earthquake disasters may be used for other disaster relief needs.

Give With Confidence

With Compassion, your donation is used wisely to help children around the world.

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1 WHO, Environmental Health in Emergencies: Natural Events, 2017