Disaster Relief

Together, Let’s Help the People of Haiti Rebuild

Rebuild strength, reliability and confidence. Join us as we rebuild to last.

$1,500 is all it takes to build a secure shelter for a family who lost their home in the earthquake. Please prayerfully consider giving what you can to provide safe shelters for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Rebuilding Stronger Than Ever

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck southwest Haiti on Saturday, Aug. 14. More than 15,600 Compassion-assisted children were impacted by this earthquake: 16 tragically died while others lost family members, homes and their sense of safety. Compassion responded immediately by offering food and hygiene kits and supporting local churches as they served their community.

But now, as the dust settles and the media moves on, Compassion and the Haitian Church aren’t leaving. We’re both called to the hard places of suffering. We’re called to rebuild as an act of hope and love.

But what are we rebuilding? When we look at the task ahead of us, we don’t see bricks and mortar. We don’t see nails and timber.

It’s so much more than sanctuaries, classrooms or houses.

It’s rebuilding opportunities for children in poverty. It’s reestablishing the joy of a group of classmates laughing together. It’s the safe place where children can go to remember that they are brave and loved.

It’s building hope. It’s building second chances. It’s calling out the resilience in a community deeply loved and remembered by God.

Together, let’s rebuild.

Your gifts will help support rebuilding efforts for those affected by the earthquake. You can help give families a safe place to live, and provide churches with a place to minister and worship together.


Compassion-assisted children who live in the area were impacted by this earthquake.


beneficiaries were killed and about 200 others injured. Also, 78 caregivers and siblings were killed and about 250 others injured.


beneficiaries have had homes damaged or destroyed.

Rebuilding Today

Immediate needs for churches in Haiti include:

  • Shelter for children and families.
  • Transitional space for 32 frontline church partners so they can work with children in trauma.
  • Training and education for parents who have lost their livelihoods.

Hope for Tomorrow

Your gifts will also help with long-term needs such as:

  • The physical rebuilding of 34 child development centers.
  • Partial reconstruction of 35 damaged sanctuaries.
  • Hiring six full-time staff members to help with microenterprise loans.
  • Long-term trauma care for children, families and staff.

Strength to Move Forward

“If we hadn't received the support of Compassion, Mia would have probably lost her leg,” said the nine-year-old’s father, Carl. His voice shook with emotion. Mia and her family were victims of the earthquake that hit southern Haiti on Aug. 14, 2021. During the devastating disaster, Mia’s 6-year-old brother, Andy, was killed when their home collapsed.

Mia was trapped under a wall when her father found her. He could tell his little girl was in tremendous pain. Carl left his wife, Mara, with Mia and ran to the one place he knew he would find support — the Compassion center where Mia attended. A staff member personally accompanied the father and daughter to a hospital.

“As a mother, I cannot explain the pain and desolation that gripped me after the disaster. God put the members of Compassion in my path to save my daughter's life. I will be forever grateful to them,” says Mara.

While Mia’s physical wounds are healing, she is still enduring emotional pain. She even stopped eating. But Compassion arranged for Mia to meet with a counselor, where she was finally able to talk about the pain she was feeling.

“I miss my brother very much. I really loved him with all my heart,” says Mia. But at the end of her first session, she gave the counselor a small smile and took the snack she was offered — an encouraging sign that she is ready to start moving forward.

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Donate to Disaster Relief

Low- and middle-income countries are often the world's most disaster-prone areas, and for many people, disaster relief funds are their only source of hope and recovery. Disasters and crises are especially hard on children, who are more vulnerable than adults, so giving disaster relief through a child-focused organization like Compassion can be especially powerful. Children have little resources and no voice, so they are not able to recover from a disaster without your help.

Compassion's Disaster Relief fund provides children and their families with basic necessities like food, clean water, shelter, clothing, household items and even medical care and trauma counseling.

Disaster relief and recovery is a long-term process, but Compassion's Disaster Relief program is helping children when they most desperately need it. It is a safety net for those living in countries with no other safety nets. Please donate today.

$1,500 is all it takes to build a secure shelter for a family who lost their home in the earthquake. Please prayerfully consider giving what you can to provide safe shelters for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.