COVID-19 and Compassion’s Work in Togo

An in-depth look at the coronavirus pandemic in Togo

Last Updated: 07/27/2021

The rate of COVID-19 infection in Togo is increasing, with an average of 52 cases reported daily as of July 15. This is up from 12 recorded in June. Togo has administered enough doses to fully vaccinate around 2% of its population of 8.6 million people. A State of Health Emergency remains in effect through at least mid-September. This means that most businesses remain open but with restrictions such as masking and social distancing in effect everywhere. Churches remain closed and religious activities are more heavily restricted.

The majority of Compassion centers in Togo have either been able to resume normal activities or gather in small groups. In communities where centers have not been able to reopen, partner church staff continue to make regular home visits to monitor the health of children and families, deliver curricula to them and pray with them. Staff members have been able to safely deliver nearly 618,000 food packs and almost 401,000 hygiene kits to families, in addition to providing medical support to nearly 89,000 individuals.

COVID response in Togo

A Message From National Staff

How Is Compassion Currently Operating in Togo?

Below, you will find the latest information on how Compassion is currently operating in Togo, including status updates on center openings, letter delivery and gift delivery. This is the most current information we have, though it can change quickly. Please know that all children and their families are being checked in on regularly by staff, either in person or by phone, even if the Compassion center is not open for programming.

Are Compassion Centers Open?

Compassion centers in Togo are ministering to children in a variety of ways depending on the region. More than two-thirds have resumed normal activities or are meeting in small groups, and the remaining 30% of churches are primarily conducting home visits during which they pray with families and distribute supplies and lessons. Because of the generous support of sponsors and donors, staff members have been able to safely deliver nearly 618,000 food packs and almost 401,000 hygiene kits to families!

COVID response in Togo

child reading IconStory From the Field

When 20-year-old Cheickna’s university studies were put on hold, he shifted his focus to creating music. At the Compassion center he attends, Cheickna and his friends had been able to take music lessons for years. Now, he visits the center whenever he can, using the drums, piano, guitars, and microphones that the church has provided. The days he spends there are a welcome distraction from the fear and uncertainty the pandemic has caused. Cheickna now has has three original songs to his credit and specializes in gospel music, particularly reggae and American style.

One of his most popular songs is "Heal Our Land," a prayer to God to save the world from the COVID-19 pandemic.

"What makes me the happiest in these moments is the music. I feel joyful when I am surrounded by musical instruments. Music gives me satisfaction. Music is my life. It gives me inner peace. It allows me to express myself."

How can I pray for Togo?

Pray for the staff as they visit children at their homes and help families not feel alone during this challenging time of isolation. For more prayer resources, visit Compassion’s COVID-19 prayer page for prayer guides and a virtual prayer wall.

How Can I Help?

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