|   Posted: August 11, 2021   |   Updated: August 11, 2021

Alert: August 11, 2021

The Tigray region has been wrought with upheaval since November 2020. Following the initial conflict, basic services such as communication, transportation, and banking resumed intermittently up until June 2021. During this period, we maintained some communication with several frontline church partners in the region and were able to monitor the status of the children under their services. We also facilitated emergency support and organized trauma counseling for children, families, and the staff of frontline churches.

However, due to increasing violence and political instability, along with the inability to communicate with or deliver any aid to the Tigray region in Ethiopia, Compassion has made the difficult decision to suspend its operations in that portion of the country, effective immediately. Our hope and prayer is to resume the relationship with our frontline church partners and serve the children and families in the Tigray region as soon as possible.

What is a suspension?

Funds, letters, and child information are all suspended, as there is no communication with the affected regions. The frontline church partners cannot receive funds as there are no bank services in the region.