COVID-19 and Compassion’s Work in Haiti

An in-depth look at the coronavirus pandemic in Haiti

Last Updated: 04/12/2021

Cases of COVID-19 are decreasing in Haiti. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country has seen over 12,800 cases and suffered 251 related deaths. The true numbers could be much higher, however, because the diagnostic test is not free; in fact, it is too expensive for most people. More than the pandemic, Haitians are troubled by the dangers of constant political protests, gang violence and the rampant surge of kidnappings that have disrupted daily life, particularly in cities. Humanitarian aid is needed by approximately 4.4 million people, nearly a third of the population. Child trafficking for labor and sexual exploitation has increased in border areas as the pandemic has further boosted the poverty rate; parents are sometimes deceived into giving their children to those who say they will provide them with a better life. Schools are open and no curfew is in place, but the government has called for people to wear face masks in public areas where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Compassion child development centers throughout the country have resumed normal on-site activities. They are following strict protocols to keep children and youth safe from the coronavirus. Partner church workers have been able to deliver well over 162,600 food packs and 92,000 hygiene kits and have provided medical assistance to nearly 12,800 people.

COVID response in Haiti

A Message From National Staff

How Is Compassion Currently Operating in Haiti?

Below, you will find the latest information on how Compassion is currently operating in Haiti, including status updates on center openings, letter delivery and gift delivery. This is the most current information we have, though it can change quickly. Please know that all children and their families are being checked in on regularly by staff, either in person or by phone, even if the Compassion center is not open for programming.

Are Compassion Centers Open?

All centers in Haiti have reopened and resumed normal program activities. Staff members carefully clean and sanitize the centers, and many centers with limited classroom space have children attending in shifts so they can maintain proper social distancing. Because of the generous support of sponsors and donors, they have been able to distribute well over 162,600 food packs and 92,000 hygiene kits to children and their families!

COVID response in Haiti

child reading IconStory From the Field

Seven-year-old Adeley lives with his parents in the northern part of Haiti. His father, Adlin, is a farmer and supports the family by selling his crops at the market. Their income is at the mercy of the weather. And due to frequent floods in the region, the family has experienced financial challenges.

When Adeley was born, he had medical issues that severely depleted the family’s finances. As rain and flooding destroyed much of their crops, his parents became desperate. “In the face of the extreme stress we faced, I surrendered to the Lord because we were totally helpless and couldn't take care of Adeley,” says his mother, Sherline.

Then, at church, they met Faniel, a Compassion partnership facilitator. When he learned of the difficult times the family was going through, he recommended that they apply for the Child Sponsorship Program. “Our meeting with Brother Faniel was decisive for us. He showed us the way to the great family of Compassion,” says Adlin.

The support of Compassion fostered deep hope in the family. So when the pandemic struck, they knew the partner church would help them survive. During the months Adeley was at home, Compassion staff checked in on the family, delivering groceries and hygiene supplies.

With support from Compassion, the family is back on their feet. Adlin is farming again, and Sherline started a food business that bolsters the family's income.

How can I pray for Haiti?

Please pray that God would protect children and their families from violence and that he would provide frontline church partners with the resources needed to help relieve poverty. For more prayer resources, visit Compassion’s COVID-19 prayer page for prayer guides and a virtual prayer wall.

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