Forgotten Children

Forgotten Children

Bihar, India — Meena Devi is 10 years old and the head of her household. The little girl has taken care of her two siblings (aged 11 and 6) ever since her mother and baby brother died of starvation three years ago. Her father had died previously of natural causes.

The three children live in a mud hut and have never been visited by anyone associated with the local district or the state government. They go to school every day, thankful to receive a cooked lunch. It may be their only meal of the day.

A local children's rights nonprofit worker is attempting to raise money so Meena and her siblings can attend boarding school. His fear is if the children aren't rescued soon, they will be taken and enslaved.

Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program not only serves the children sponsored. If Compassion workers become aware of a family crisis, they can attempt to access special services to help meet that family's unique needs. When children and their families are released from poverty, communities and even nations can be changed.

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