Poverty in Central America

Serving Central America and the Caribbean


How does your church want to impact Central America and the Caribbean? Select a cause below.


More than 558 million people live in Central America and the Caribbean. Seven out of 10 people in Haiti and Honduras live in poverty. Violence and corruption are common consequences of unemployment, as citizens face hunger, unsafe water, malaria and overall despair due to their impoverished circumstances.


If you'd like to talk about ministry options that are focused within a specific country, please email our church team or contact us at 866-607-5162.

Give children in poverty clean water.

Healthy growth and development is not possible without clean water. Your church can provide this life-giving resource in Jesus’ name.*

Your church can help release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

Poverty is a lie that tells children they are worthless. Your church can help children see their value in Christ through sponsorship.

Help babies living in poverty thrive and survive.

Your church can empower indigenous churches to rescue, nurture and disciple vulnerable babies and moms in their local communities.

Help develop leaders living in poverty.

Build disciples who will make more disciples by investing in the education and training of promising young Christian leaders.

Help children in poverty fight malaria.

Just one mosquito bite can stop a child from reaching her full, God-given potential. Your church can change that.*

Help children in poverty today.

It often takes over 4 months to pair a child with a sponsor. Your church can help children while they wait.*

* We implement this ministry in Central America and the Caribbean, but care is delivered to the area of greatest need worldwide.