Poverty in Asia

Serving Asia
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Asia is home to three-fifths of the world’s total population and holds a majority of the world’s poorest people. Frequent natural disasters have contributed to food insecurity and malnutrition. The poor are prey to human trafficking due to undocumented citizenship, lack of options and education.

If you'd like to talk about ministry options that are focused within a specific country, please email our church team.

Help vulnerable children living in poverty.

Your church can be a resounding voice and force against injustice by empowering indigenous churches to protect their children.

Give children in poverty clean water.

When your church provides children with clean water, you restore their health, renew their hope and empower their healthy development.*

Your church can help release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

Through sponsorship, your church can connect children in poverty with local, evangelical churches who will know and love them in Jesus’ name.

Help children in poverty today.

Help unsponsored children receive healthcare and education from their local church while they pray for a sponsor of their own. *

Help children in poverty fight malaria.

By uniting against malaria, your church can prevent this deadly disease from robbing children of bright, productive futures.*

* We implement this ministry in Asia, but care is delivered to the area of greatest need worldwide.