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Child Sponsorship

Richmond Wandera was 8-years-old when his father was murdered and his family faced extreme poverty in Uganda.

This video shows how one sponsor and one decision changed the trajectory of Richmond’s life. Today Richmond is a disciple of Christ who is making more disciples.


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Child sponsorship allows your church to walk on mission
with Jesus, as disciples raising a new generation of disciples.
A Pastor's Perspective

"After three years sponsoring children with Compassion, I stood before my church and said, 'Here's a principle: we are called to love others. Here's a tool: Compassion.'

As pastors, we teach Biblical principles. We've got to give our people some tools to put them into action. This is the best tool I've found. It's so easy and tangible."


Chris Brown
Senior Pastor
North Coast Church, California

The Facts

> Every 4 minutes, a child makes a decision to follow Christ in a Compassion center.

> Our ministry is carried out in partnership with thousands of indigenous churches.

> An independent study investigated Compassion-sponsored children and found they were:facts-about-compassion-sponsored-children

The Strategy

Child sponsorship is a ministry strategy that actively works to build disciples of Christ within your church and around the world!

It starts with pairing one sponsor and one child together in relationship. As a sponsor pours love, support and prayers into the heart of their chosen child, the Holy Spirit works and the sponsor's maturity as a disciple grows.

In return, sponsored children are nourished physically, emotionally and spiritually in their local, church-based child development center. As these children hear the Gospel message and receive their sponsors' encouragement, they are better prepared to consider becoming followers of Jesus.

The Opportunity

Sign up to host a child sponsorship event at your church. We have downloadable sermon samples, videos, bulletin inserts, posters and more to help you create an inspirational service that challenges people to build discipling relationships with children in need.

Prior to your event we will send you child packets. Each packet will contain a photo and story about one child who is waiting for a sponsor. On the day of your event, as your church looks at the children's faces and considers your challenge, those who choose to act will be taking an important step toward an ownership role in a child's life and in your church's mission.


See why Cedarcrest Church in Georgia embraces child sponsorship as a discipleship tool.

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How Does It Work? how-it-works-child-sponsorship

For $38 per month, one sponsor can invest in the life of one child who is living in poverty. Each sponsored child receives education, nutrition and health care along with spiritual encouragement through age-appropriate Bible teaching. As children are loved and supported, they gain the confidence to pursue a life out of poverty.

How Will This Strengthen My Church? how-will-this-strengthen-my-church

Healthy, growing churches are filled with healthy growing believers. Child sponsorship is one of the most simple, practical ways to engage everyone in your church in hands-on ministry. As people in your church develop a servant spirit toward their sponsored children, their own spiritual roots deepen and their relationship with Jesus grows.