Rob Paterson
A Balancing Act

Pastor Rob Paterson of New Hope Community Church in Loudonville, OH shares how his church has learned to trust in God for growth.

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Dan Ferguson
Climbing Out of Our Rut

Missions Pastor Dan Ferguson of Beaverton Christian Church in Beaverton, OR shares how partnering with Compassion and a local church in Bolivia affected his church.

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Jessy Padilla
From Member-centered to Mission-focused

Pastor Jessy Padilla and Iglesia Emanuel have stopped thinking of themselves as just a church and have focused their hearts to serve God by serving others around the world.

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Tommy Politz
Generosity Revolution

Senior Pastor Tommy Politz and Hillside Christian Church in Texas believe Compassion International is a great resource for churches to go internationally without actually going internationally.

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Charles Whitaker and his wife
Inspiring and Transforming

Pastor Charles Whitaker shares how Compassion helps River of Life Church in Temple Hills, MD helps inspire believers to go into the world and produce transformation.

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Joe Meyer
Letting Our Light Shine

Senior Pastor Joe Meyer shares how Compassion came alongside the mission and vision of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Des Moines, IA and provided resources and tools for the congregation to have a lasting global impact for Christ.

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Clint Tolbert
Life and Purpose From a Shared Mission

Senior Pastor Clint Tolbert shares how partnering with Compassion helps First Presbyterian Church in Maumee, OH remind people that we are here for God’s mission rather than our own interests.

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Mike Anderson
Living Out Our Faith

Pastor Mike Anderson shares how the Compassion Journey helped First Presbyterian Church in Greenfield, OH live out faith—globally, generously, daily.

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Edward Lee
Look Outwardly

Compassion helps Pastor Edward Lee and LongView Bible Church in Owings Mills, MD look outwardly—locally and globally.

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Dan Chun
Love God, Love People, Love the World

Compassion helps Pastor Dan Chun and First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu, Kaneohe, HI grow followers of Christ—not just changing the lives of children overseas but also their own.

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Mark Robinson
Missions Has a Name

Pastor Mark Robinson shares how Compassion helps Wildwood Community Church in Norman, OK show up with the gospel and invite others into eternity.

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Ken Whitten
Mobilize People to Fulfill the Great Commission

Pastor Ken Whitten shares how Compassion works as a mission tool for Idlewild Church in Tampa, FL because it helps mobilize the people to fulfill the Great Commission.

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Steve Moore
Our DNA is Changing

Read how Compassion has come alongside the mission and vision of Pastor Steve Moore and Ten Mile Christian Church in Meridian, ID and provided resources and tools for the congregation to have a lasting global impact for Christ.

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Robert Smith
Out of Many, One

Pastor Robert Smith of Dayspring Community Church in Lawton, OK shares how partnering with Compassion International has helped bring unity among church members and with other churches within their town.

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Lee Kricher
Reaching Out, Not Looking In

Senior Pastor Lee Kricher shares how the spiritual life at Amplify Church in Pittsburgh, PA has become richer because of the church's partnership with Compassion International.

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Rusty Rice

With the support of Compassion, Pastor Rusty Rice and Oakwood Baptist Church in New Braunfels, TX are growing in the creativity of God and in the ability to love God’s people.

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Tommy Theisen
Second Chances

Pastor Tommy Theisen shares how Compassion helps Cross Connect Church in Ashland, OH be on God’s mission and stay on mission.

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Jason Paredes
Taking Christ Around the World

Read how Pastor Jason Paredes and Fielder Church in Arlington, TX has partnered with Compassion to help raise up a church community with a vision to look beyond itself and to make an investment somewhere else in the world.

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Ray Johnston
The Hope Quotient

Senior Pastor Ray Johnston shares how the overall spirit of service and self-sacrifice at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA has risen since they partnered with Compassion.

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Matt Skrabec and a Compassion alumni speaking about Compassion Sunday
The Journey to "Go" Into All the World

Pastor Matt Skrabec shares how partnering with Compassion has created a relational connection between the members of First Baptist Church in Benicia, CA and Grace Baptist Church in Dauora, Togo.

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Mike Kai
The Power of Obedience

Senior Pastor Mike Kai shares why sponsoring children through Compassion is the best thing Inspire Church in Waipahu, HI does outside its walls.

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Matt Keller
The Real Underdogs

Lead Pastor Matt Keller of Next Level Church in Fort Myers, FL explains why Compassion is — hands down — the most thorough, life-giving, Gospel-centered missions organization on the planet.

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John DeVries
Thoughtful Citizens

Pastor John DeVries of Christian Reformed Church in St. Joseph, MI shares how partnering with Compassion has helped his church's commitment to outreach.

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Jeff Maness
To Get, or to Give

Lead Pastor Jeff Maness shares how Compassion came alongside the mission and vision of Element Church in Cheyenne, WY and provided resources and tools for the congregation to have a lasting global impact for Christ.

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Raf and Misty Gonzalez
Unifying a Diverse Congregation on a Gospel-centered Mission

Associate and Family Pastor Raf Gonzalez shares how Relentless Church in Raleigh, NC and a gospel-centered church in Honduras are transformed by child sponsorship and God’s love.

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Scott Custer
Yet Something Was Missing

Pastor Scott Custer at International Church of Oahu felt God’s prompting on a blind spot: Despite a rich heritage of missions, the big picture seemed incomplete.

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