Pastor Bryan Myers, Academy Christian Church - Compassion International

A Pastor's Perspective

Pastor Bryan Myers

Bryan Myers
Senior Pastor

Academy Christian Church
Colorado Springs, CO

God's Plan for the Church

The Church is the hope of the world. God has chosen the Church as the mechanism to reach His lost world.

A number of years ago, Academy Christian Church came under a conviction to step into that calling and make a difference in the world. In line with our church’s vision, that looked like planting a church and supporting impoverished children and families in an under-resourced area of the globe.

Church Planting

Our hearts were already being tugged toward South America when we stumbled upon the ministry of Stadia International, a partner of Compassion International. Stadia plants churches in South America, and Compassion comes alongside those churches and registers their children and youth for sponsorship opportunities.

One of the things that really impacted our decision to join forces with Stadia and Compassion was this model of church planting and child sponsorship--it really allows the church to integrate into a community. Joining forces was a no brainer.

Integrating the church into a neighborhood–and not the other way around–is critical in the strategy. We want the children and families to know we are interested in them. Engaging in a community through a church and providing a safe place to minister to children is our goal, too, as we’ve seen our own congregants embrace child sponsorship as a personal missions project.

Creating Christ Followers

Academy Christian strives to create Christ followers who create more Christ followers. It’s in our mission statement. Because our congregants understand this is a church we helped plant and that we get to help sponsor children being served by that church, we see the impact on a broader scale. We know that our sponsored kids are trained with practical life skills while they also learn through a Christ-centered curriculum. Their lives are not just being improved in the here and now, but their eternities are also affected because they meet Jesus and have the opportunity to commit their lives to Him.

It’s a powerful picture for me of God’s plan for the Church.

I would even say that it helps raise the level of compassion within our own church family. Any time we warm up people’s hearts to expressing compassion, it’s not just going to have an effect on another part of the world, but it will benefit the local church as well.

Giving: A Reservoir …or… A Conduit?

One of the things we teach at Academy Christian is that we are always blessed to be a blessing. We’re not supposed to be a reservoir for God’s resources but rather a conduit of God’s resources. And if we want to keep God’s resources coming in, then we need to make sure we’re doing a good job of sharing those resources--of being a blessing with those resources. It’s an incredible blessing to watch as we try to bless other people, and God gives us the ability to bless even more people--it just keeps expanding and increasing.

It’s not just a nice idea--but a principle--of God’s kingdom: the more faithful we are with what we have, the more God can say, “I can trust you with even more.”