Homeschool Curriculum: Helping Others in Need

Lesson 5 Part 1

Children will investigate mudslides, do a science experiment, and learn how mudslides can be prevented.

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Lesson 5 Part 2

In Part 2, students learn about disaster relief as it relates to natural disasters. They also apply biblical principles of disaster relief and helping others.

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Boy walking through a field

The Compassion Experience

Compassion Headquarters

A visit to our Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs will provide you a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand our passion for children and to learn how long-term child development battles poverty.

Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Part five of our Christian homeschool curriculum focuses on the country of India, honoring God and helping others in need. This Christian homeschool curriculum broadens your child’s understanding of the world by introducing another culture. It also has a unique spiritual emphasis.

In this Christian homeschool curriculum, your student will investigate mudslides and learn how they can be prevented. They will also do a science experiment and study disaster relief.

Supplement your Christian homeschool curriculum with additional information about the country of India, including featured stories from individuals living in the Asian country, its history, culture, and religion.

Our Christian homeschool curriculum gives you as homeschool parents the opportunity to teach your children about geography, culture, evangelism, gratefulness, honoring God and much more.