Known by many as #60 in the New York Jets starting lineup, D’Brickashaw Ferguson’s NFL career, from 2006 to 2015, saw some impressive numbers: fourth overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft, three-time pick for the annual Pro Bowl, 167 consecutive regular season starts.

These days, the retired offensive tackle is proud of some other numbers in his life: a beautiful wife (Kirsten) and two precious daughters (Eden and Emery), five Compassion-sponsored children and 150 children sponsored by members of his church, The Life Christian Church in West Orange, New Jersey.

In a few days, a new first will be added to D’Brickashaw’s accomplishments: 13 miles completed in a half-marathon in the Bahamas. A strong, lifelong believer in Christ, D’Brickashaw is excited to run in the Bahamas — the birthplace of his dad. He is also excited to use the event to promote Compassion and child sponsorship.

New York Jets, D’Brickashaw Ferguson
In his 10 years of playing for the New York Jets, D’Brickashaw Ferguson never missed a game.

For D’Brickashaw and Kirsten, a passion for serving children in need through Compassion was sparked when they visited the Compassion Experience, a powerful, experiential exhibit that takes visitors into the lives of real Compassion-assisted children. “The experience really touched our hearts and humbled us and made us grateful for all that we’ve been given,” says Kirsten.

D’Brickashaw adds, “We learned about Compassion at a time when we were wanting to be more involved and intentional in our giving, beyond just writing a check. With an organization like Compassion, where you can actually be involved and see the impact on others’ lives, it brings more depth to your giving.”

A subsequent trip to El Salvador to see Compassion’s work firsthand confirmed the couple’s desire to be involved in the ministry of transforming the lives of children in need. Today, in addition to their own five sponsored children, the couple also volunteers as Compassion liaisons for their church, raising awareness about the ministry and encouraging members to sponsor children.

D’Brickashaw wears a glittery crown at a Compassion center
D’Brickashaw and Kirsten receive royal treatment at a Compassion center in El Salvador.
Kirsten smiles and poses with Compassion sponsored children
Kirsten shares a fun moment with two Salvadoran kids.

The couple especially want their daughters, now ages 2 and 3, to grow up with an awareness of children in poverty, a gratitude for God’s blessings in their lives, and a desire to serve others in difficult circumstances.

D’Brickashaw is carrying his and Kirsten’s Compassion commitment into the upcoming race. He says, “I thought, not only is this half-marathon a goal for me, but why not bring God into it as well? Promoting Compassion is a great way to do that, to bring awareness to a cause we feel strongly about.” He hopes that by wearing Compassion-themed gear in the race, he will spark curiosity about the ministry. “I’m going to wear the shirt, wear the hat and start the conversation.”

For the future, D’Brickashaw and Kirsten are seeking God’s leading about how to be the most effective Compassion ambassadors they can be. “Right now, we are planting seeds of His message of love and giving and service, and trusting Him for the increase,” D’Brickashaw says. “We will see where that leads.”

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