Volunteers are Vital to Compassion

3 ways to get involved

Volunteer at Compassion Partnered Events

Volunteer at Compassion Headquarters

Volunteer in a Leadership Role

Children need your help!

Volunteers like you are changing the world one child at a time by giving your time and talents. Whether you volunteer at a Christian concert, festival or Compassion headquarters, you’ve got countless ways to make a difference! Choose your act today and help release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Volunteer at Compassion-Partnered Events

Whether it’s a large-scale outdoor festival or a concert at a local coffee shop, we have a variety of Compassion-partnered events that may be coming to your area.

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Volunteer at Compassion Headquarters

If you live near Colorado Springs, we’d love to have you serve with a team of passionate Christians who want to use their skills, experience and talents to help free kids from poverty around the world.

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Join Our Volunteer Leadership Team

Want to invest more of your time and yourself to free children around the world from poverty? Leadership volunteer opportunities offer you the chance to impact children’s lives in deep and critical ways.

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Compassion is love in action

Donate your birthday! Instead of gifts, ask for contributions to your fundraiser.

Let’s Celebrate What YOU Accomplished In Brazil!

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What Is The Compassion Effect?

…That changing their lives will change yours, too.

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Change the most lives you can

Your community can take part in ending child poverty!

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Compassion impacts 360° development: Mind, body, heart, and soul

When you act, you're helping church-based child development centers around the world make a lasting difference in children's lives.


  • After-school tutoring
  • Assistance with school fees
  • Supplies and uniforms
  • Life skills and vocational training
  • Literacy classes, craft and music workshops
  • Infrastructure like classrooms and materials to run jobs and skills training workshops
  • Computer labs


  • Medical checkups, immunizations and care
  • Nutritional support
  • Education on health, sanitation and hygiene
  • Urgent medical care needs
  • Physical education spaces for motor skills development and safe places to play
  • Safe delivery and care for newborns and their moms


  • Love and encouragement from personal sponsors
  • Loving attention from program staff
  • Development of respectful social skills
  • Christ-centered spiritual counseling


  • Learning that God loves them
  • Singing and prayer
  • Age- and culture-appropriate Christian education
  • Service projects to help others
  • Spiritual development and socio-emotional support for children and their families