Highly Vulnerable Children

Asia is the largest of the earth's seven continents, covering about one-third of the world's total land area. Its more than 3.9 billion inhabitants account for three-fifths of the world's total population and half of the world's hungry.

Asian regions are highly diverse in population, culture and language; however, with few exceptions, its many countries are economically underdeveloped. Reducing poverty in Asia requires holistic support addressing everything from social development and physical health, to education and vocational training, protection and justice for victims of abuse, and economic and agricultural productivity.

Compassion serves more than 250,000 poor children in five countries in the south and southeast regions of Asia:

Featured Stories from Asia

Creating centers for excellence
Indonesia Youth Development
A Formula for Excellence: Engagement + Training = Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
a boy holds a sign that says "Loved"
Colombia Bolivia Bangladesh Faith
God Is Love: 5 Attributes That Show Us This Truth

The Bible makes it clear that "God is love" (1 John 4:8). He isn’t just loving, but he is the very definition of love.

Barbalinda holds her baby, Adiva
Indonesia Survival
Grateful for Survival Staff Like Ina and Yuni

Each week this month, we’ll share a child development center staff or volunteer’s story and celebrate the reasons we’re so grateful for their work with children in the field. This week, we’re thankful for Survival staff members like Ina and Yuni, who helped save this mother’s life after a difficult birth left her fighting for survival.

Sasiliya holds her son
Sri Lanka Survival
Preventing Maternal Suicide in a Land Healing From War

Maternal suicide affects women worldwide, but women in poverty are more likely to experience depression. Meet one woman who’s helping save mothers’ lives.

Yongyot and his older sister Alisa
Compassion Center Protects Children from Loan Sharks

Beneath the modern surface of Phitsanulok province, Thailand, many families struggle to find work, and their wages are low. In their desperation to simply make ends meet, many parents turn to the only option they have. They take a loan from illegal creditors. But when Yongyot’s mother couldn’t pay her debt, her children were left without protection … until the Compassion center stepped in.

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