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Compassion currently works in eight countries on the continent of Africa. Through our work there, we gather Africa facts about children in poverty. These Africa facts and statistics provide a good picture of the reality of poverty and how Compassion is making a difference.

Poverty is a common problem on the continent of Africa but Compassion is working to change this. The Africa facts tell a discouraging story, but Compassion is bringing hope in the midst of this discouragement. Our programs are changing the statistics one child at a time.

Don't let the hopelessness of Africa facts overwhelm you. Sponsor an African child today!

Compassion in Africa

Africa is the second-largest continent and is composed of about 53 countries. Compassion's Africa child development centers, started in 1980, now serve more than 317,400 children in eight countries.

Africa's 905 million people belong to more than 3,000 different ethnic groups and speak more than 2,000 languages. After many years of colonial rule, most African countries achieved independence by the end of the 1970s. Today, many countries in Africa face major problems, from famine and drought to economic hardships to epidemics of AIDS, cholera and other diseases. Ongoing local conflicts have also killed thousands of people and hampered the economic progress of African countries.

Africa is home to the mighty Sahara desert -- the world's largest desert -- which covers nearly one-quarter of the entire continent. It's also home to the world's longest river, the Nile.

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