Unsponsored Children's Fund

Although children who are newly registered into Compassion's program are available almost instantly for child sponsorship, more often than not it takes time to connect a sponsor with a child — often several months. Compassion is committed to helping registered children from day one. So to bridge the gap between registration and sponsorship, we created the Unsponsored Children's Fund.

Unsponsored Children

Unsponsored Children Need You

Your gift means a child waiting for a sponsor won't have to wait to receive full program benefits.

Around the world, over 100,000 children receive benefits while they wait for a sponsor. Because of you, these waiting children will receive:

  • Nutritious meals to counter malnourishment.
  • Health assessments to identify medical needs.
  • Lessons in reading, writing and math.
  • Training for proper hygiene practices.
  • The opportunity to hear about God's love for them.

Your gift shows a waiting child that he or she is just as worthy and special as all the other children. Thank you for sharing that message and bringing life-giving opportunity to a child that will have an eternal impact.

Where does your money go?
80.7% Directly to Program
19.3% Supporting Activities