Support a Child Waiting for a Sponsor

A child waits an average of three months for a sponsor. By giving, you allow him or her to receive care during the wait.

Unsponsored children need support as they’re waiting for sponsors — often for months

Over 260,000 children are enrolled in Compassion programs without sponsors. Because of your gift, a waiting child will receive the same care as sponsored children right away. Your donation will speak hope into a child’s heart as you stand in the gap until they can be sponsored.


Children in Extreme Poverty

around the world.


Daily Childhood Deaths

occurred in 2021 alone.


Months Until Child Sponsorships

for those registered.

Your gift allows a child to receive life-changing support while he or she is waiting!

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Medical Care

A child receives health checkups and access to further care if needed through their Compassion Center.
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Malnutrition Monitoring

Children are carefully monitored for malnutrition and provided with nutritional support to ensure healthy development.
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Educational Support

Tutors and assistance with school fees and supplies give children the opportunity to succeed in school.

Your contributions are stewarded wisely to help children around the world.

We're committed to the highest standards of financial integrity and accountability, only using money for the purpose it was raised, regularly performing audits to ensure our programs are well managed and funds are properly disbursed and applied. We balance low administrative and fundraising costs with high-quality programs.

of total expenses were for program development and delivery.
of total expenses went to fundraising to further advance the mission.
of total expenses went to administration to reach even more children.
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Make a difference for an unsponsored child

Currently, children all over the world are waiting three months or more for a sponsor. Imagine if they had to wait that long to receive critical support.

But even while they wait, gifts to the Unsponsored Children’s Fund enable their Compassion centers to provide them with food, medical care, educational support, and emotional and spiritual care, all in the safe and nurturing environment of the local church.

Please give generously today to help care for unsponsored children while they wait for sponsors.