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Sponsor Review Guidelines

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when you offer a review. Following these guidelines will help ensure your review is posted for others to benefit from.

  • Focus on your experience of sponsoring a child with Compassion.
  • Provide specific details about what you did and didn't like.
  • Remember that the purpose of submitting a review is to provide insight for others who are considering sponsoring a child.
  • Compassion reserves the right not to post a review if the reviewer has a history of the following or if the post contains any of the following: Obscenities, defamatory language, or other language not suitable for a public forum.
  • Write clearly with accurate grammar and spelling.
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  • Do not write critical or spiteful comments about other reviews (or their authors).
  • Reviews will not be posted if the reviewer does not have experience sponsoring a child with Compassion. 
  • Reviews must be written in English.

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Positive and negative reviews are welcome. Honest opinions will allow others to benefit by reading about others' good and bad experiences.

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