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Over the last five decades, God has used the Vineyard movement to establish outposts of the kingdom of God in and beyond the United States. Through Vineyard’s partnership with Compassion—a ministry with its own rich history of 70+ years—local churches in some of the world’s poorest countries are bringing the kingdom into their communities. And children are being released from poverty in Jesus’ name!

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Hear from Vineyard leaders

Melany Justice
Trinity Vineyard
Cypress, TX

"I hadn’t realized the far-reaching impact of Compassion’s work through its Frontline Church Partners. The education initiatives, career training, caregiver support, parenting classes as well as discipleship and spiritual growth programs are changing the future for these families and truly impacting generations!"

Michael Hansen
Lead Pastor
Vineyard Church Delaware County
Sunbury, OH

"It was so exciting to see firsthand the full-life impact of Compassion’s work. It’s not just putting food in tummies or the ABCs in young minds. It’s full life. Hope for a better tomorrow with usable skills and hope for the best forever through relationship with Jesus!"

Cory Sondrol
Senior Pastor
Canyon View Vineyard
Grand Junction, CO

"Working with Compassion over the last of couple decades has been extremely helpful to stir awareness and passion in our church to serve those in poverty. It also has deeply impacted me personally, and I believe my soul is healthier by partnering with Compassion."

Why partner your church with Compassion?

Compassion’s ministry is Christ-centered, church-driven and child-focused. So when your church partners with Compassion, you provide more than physical necessities; you equip local frontline churches to holistically develop youth and children. That includes discipleship, education, medical care, vocational training, life skills, nutrition, recreation and more...all in a way that works best within each church's local community.

Partnering with Compassion changes your church, too. As your people connect with and pray for children in poverty, they'll grow in their desire to give generously, do justice and see the kingdom of God reach the ends of the earth.

How to partner your church with Compassion

When your church teams up with Compassion, you'll join a shared mission of releasing children from poverty—social, educational, health, environmental, economic and spiritual poverty—in Jesus' name. But the specifics of that partnership will be tailored to reflect your congregation's unique style and ministry.

Ready to learn more? Complete this short form, and someone from Compassion's Church Partnerships team will follow up soon. Expect a short, no-pressure, zero-obligation conversation about your church's vision and how it might align with Compassion's ministry!

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