Help Support Youth in Uganda

Roger Sali is a 27-year-old Ugandan who started caddying a few years ago when his father passed away and he needed to support his family. He fell in love with golf and quickly became a scratch player.

From there, Roger developed an ambitious and inspiring mission – to grow golf in Uganda. On his one day off every week, he goes into local villages and teaches kids the game. Roger wants to continue to grow and learn as a teacher.

The PGA TOUR surprised Roger with a donation to help enable more youth in Uganda through the global non-profit Compassion International. Through Compassion, over 125,000 children and youth in Uganda have access to education, healthcare, mentorship, and vocational training, which includes sport!

Together, Compassion and Roger are working to identify children in Compassion programs to introduce golf and grow the reach of Roger’s dream for golf in Uganda communities.

Will you help Roger and youth like him overcome and reach their full potential in Uganda?

Roger Sali teaching kids how to put
Roger Sali teaching kids how to put