Sponsor a child here through Compassion International for admission to Annie’s That Sounds Fun Livestream on 11/2 + exclusive VIP items!

Our friend Annie F. Downs, New York Times bestselling author and podcast host, may have postponed her That Sounds Fun Tour until spring of 2022, but we don't want to put the fun on hold for that long! Annie’s bringing the show directly into your HOME. Join us on November 2nd for the exclusive livestream of the That Sounds Fun Podcast featuring Annie F. Downs and Eddie Kaufholz from Annie and Eddie Keep Talking! Grab your tickets, prep your confetti poppers, and watch the show LIVE--all from the comfort of your home.

Want a little extra time with Annie (on top of doing something life-changing for a kiddo in need)? Sponsor a child below through Compassion International and you’ll receive:

  • • A virtual ticket to the 11/2 show featuring Annie and Eddie...talking!
  • • A virtual ticket to the VIP pre-show zoom Q&A with Annie on 11/2
  • • A copy of her New York Times best-selling book That Sounds Fun.

Not ready to sponsor? buy a ticket HERE!

*If November 2nd doesn’t work for you, on-demand viewing will be available through 11:59PM CT November 7th. You must sponsor a child through Compassion International on this specific page to gain access to Annie’s Livestream, the pre-show zoom Q&A, and the ‘That Sounds Fun’ book. Access via sponsorship will be available on this page through 11:59AM CT on November 1st, 2021.


*Sponsor a child through this page while supplies last and you’ll receive a livestream ticket to Annie F. Downs’ That Sounds Fun Livestream, access to the pre-show Q&A, and one (1) copy of the That Sounds Fun book. The tax-deductible amount after your second month of child sponsorship payments will be $36.01, which is the difference of your monthly sponsorship payment ($38/month) and the approximate fair market value of this offer ($39.99). Please enter an email address upon sponsorship to ensure you receive all ticketing details.

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