Christianity Today October 11, 2022

Faith on the OpenSea: Christians Launch NFT Fundraisers

Newsweek September 13, 2022

How Global Conflict, Drought Have Led to Rising Food Prices

Sports Spectrum September 7, 2022

USWNT goalkeeper Aubrey Kingsbury combats world hunger with Compassion International

Ministry Watch August 31, 2022

Compassion International Innovates to Seek “Compassion of Tomorrow”

The Gazette August 28, 2022

Innovation fuels quest for “Compassion of tomorrow”

Christian Post June 29, 2022

True story of Thailand cave rescue hitting big screen in Ron Howard’s ‘Thirteen Lives’

Christian Post April 15, 2022

Michael W. Smith releases anthem to raise money for Ukraine: ‘You can either be a servant or a rockstar’

Fox News March 26, 2022

Spring cleaning for the soul: How one baseball wife found a way to win

Fox News February 26, 2022

Russia’s war on Ukraine: ‘Babies and children pay the highest price’


Christianity Today November 19, 2021

Christians in Haiti Worry About Release of Kidnapped Missionaries

KLKN TV October 19, 2021

Husker JoJo Domann uses NIL to serve underprivileged kids

Christian Post October 9, 2021

‘I had no family, I had no hope’: Kirk Franklin inspires kids in poverty to overcome

Christian Post September 30, 2021

Kirk Franklin warns of misconception that God exists to ‘make us happy’

Religion News Service September 28, 2021

Kirk Franklin rereleases ‘Lean on Me’ with virtual global children’s choir

Christian Post September 18, 2021

Christian magician Dustin Tavella won over ‘AGT’ fans by sharing stories of God moving in his life

The Gazette August 14, 2021

Colorado Springs evangelical Christian groups less political, but even more powerful economically

CBN News May 3, 2021

Christian Artists Amy Grant, Ellie Holcomb Join ‘Faithful Project’ Celebrating Women in the Bible

Christianity Today April 30, 2021

‘Faithful’ Project Offers Sacred Space for Christian Women to Create

Christianity Today April 6, 2021

The Simple Reason Colombia Welcomed 1.7 Million Venezuelans

TODAY March 30,2021

Amy Grant and Ellie Holcomb perform ‘A Woman’ on TODAY THE CHRISTIAN POST March 16,2021

One year later: How Covid-19 changed us


Fox News November 21, 2019

Christian woman raised in drug-infested area of Philippines inspires hope in her community'

Fox News October 8, 2019

Dominican Republic doctor helps impoverished community he grew up in: 'God answered my prayers'

Daily News September 14, 2019

Nate, Lexi Solder’s work with Compassion International highlights good works of Giants players off the field

Fox News August 28, 2019

Indonesia girl bullied for rare condition finds joy in Jesus: ‘I am beautiful’

Fox News August 22, 2019

Thai boy rescued from cave recounts harrowing ordeal one year later: ‘God answered me’

PGATour.com August 6, 2019

How life in rural Togo is about to change

Mission Network News July 10, 2019

Compassion remembers Thai cave rescue; hope surrounds sponsored child

PGATour.com June 18, 2019

'A little bit of help’

Sports Spectrum April 4, 2019

PGA Tour golfer Cameron Tringale donates earnings to aid children with Compassion International

The Gazette March 3, 2019

Compassion International event has wed music, ministry for 42 years

The Christian Post February 28, 2019

Haiti: Aid groups implore Christians to pray, take action in time of crisis

The Gazette February 19, 2019

Former Compassion International president Wallace Erickson dies


Fox News December 21, 2018

George H.W. Bush secretly sponsored, was pen pals with Filipino child

USA Today December 19, 2018

George H.W. Bush secretly corresponded with Filipino boy he sponsored 10 years

KOAA-TV June 8, 2018

Support pours in for lemonade stand squeezed by police

Fox21 News June 7, 2018

Charity lemonade stand raises $8,000 in Colorado Springs

Mission Network News June 5, 2018

In Peru, Compassion International is helping families rebuild

Fox News June 1, 2018

Charity lemonade stand shut down for lack of permit

Mission Network News May 25, 2018

Compassion strives for employee engagement in the workplace

Mission Network News May 24, 2018

In Nicaragua, Compassion International is helping children look to the future

Mission Network News May 23, 2018

Kenya dam break kills dozens


Christianity Today November 27, 2017

Blessed Are the Handouts

Christianity Today November 27, 2017

Secrets of Effective Giving

Mission Network News November 9, 2017

Clean water saves lives and this Christmas, you can too

Mission Network News September 12, 2017

Children, young mothers, surviving in Nicaragua

Mission Network News August 22, 2017

Fighting hunger, one kid at a time

Christianity Today March 1, 2017

Compassion: Why We’re Leaving India, But Still Have Hope

CNSNews January 30, 2017

Uncompassionate Hindutva: ‘World’s Largest Democracy’ Clamps Down on Christians

The Christian Beat January 25, 2017

Michael W. Smith Heads Out On The Revolution Tour This Spring

Mission Network News January 23, 2017

College students impact over 40,000 lives in one day

Los Angeles Times January 18, 2017

An Indian charity battled caste-based discrimination for three decades. Then it became a target.

Christianity Today January 17, 2017

Compassion Has 'Very Little Hope' for India, Sets Deadline to Shut Down Sponsorships

The American Bazaar January 12, 2017

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner blasts India for banning NGO Compassion International

Christianity Today January 9, 2017

Passion Students Sponsor Every Compassion Child in Four Countries


USA Today December 28, 2016

What to do with unwanted gift cards

Mission Network News December 6, 2016

Urgent situation for impoverished children in India

WORLD December 6, 2016

Compassion International faces eviction from India

St. Louis Post-Dispatch November 26, 2016

Ministries and money: Christian charities that use your money wisely

The Gazette November 18, 2016

Ministries and Money: Donors, watchdog groups seek financial efficiency

Dallas News November 11, 2016

Compassion exhibit in Cedar Hill offers glimpse into children's bleak worlds

Christianity Today September 14, 2016

Religion Boosts US Economy More Than Apple, Amazon, and Google Combined

RELEVANT August 22, 2016

God's Plan for the Needy? You

Mission Network News August 11, 2016

The power of partnership in food security

Mission Network News July 14, 2016

Slacktivism: how to be effective on social media

The San Diego Tribune June 10, 2016

Awakening in Tanzania

Washington Times-Reporter June 7, 2016

Pedaling pastor raising funds for poor children in Ecuador

The Gazette May 15, 2016

Compassion International's CardFunder program converts unspent gifts to charitable giving

Mission Network News April 20, 2016

Compassion International provides more than emergency relief

The World Bank April 19, 2016

Does child sponsorship pay off in adulthood?

World April 19, 2016

Christian groups send spiritual, physical comfort to Ecuador

Mission Network News March 22, 2016

On World Water Day, Compassion moves beyond sponsorship

crosswalk.com March 10, 2016

8 Important Steps to Take When Teaching Children about Suffering

The Times-Gazette February 2, 2016

Simple fixes save children’s lives, says Schluep

The Elkhart Truth February 1, 2016

Shannan Martin: Walking my kids to school changed how I view the neighborhood

The Gazette January 31, 2016

New website puts fundraising tools in hands of Compassion International supporters

The Tribune January 25, 2016

Greeley couple find life's work helping African organization after a similar group helps man escape poverty

Mission Network News January 22, 2016

ACT now with Compassion International

Broward Palm Beach New Times January 4, 2016

Hannah Herbst, 15-Year-Old Scientist From Boca Raton, Harnesses the Power of Ocean Currents


Investor in the Family December 17, 2015

Compassion International: How To Save A Life

CNBC December 1, 2015

The top 10 charities changing the world in 2015

Tyler Morning Telegraph November 28, 2015

Tyler family hosts woman they assisted as a child in Colombia

The Gospel Herald November 24, 2015

Compassion International President Says God is Calling The World's 700 Million Christians to Provide Hope to 400 Million Impoverished Children

Fox News November 6, 2015

Jon Scott works with Compassion International in Peru

The Gazette September 29, 2015

Making life better at work in Colorado Springs: The case against sitting

The Christian Post September 17, 2015

What Christians Think About 1 in 10 People Living in Poverty

Mission Network News July 16 2015

Disaster office closes as final promise is kept in Haiti

Mission Network News July 14 2015

North Korea: hope for the future

The Acadiana Advocate May 31, 2015

Area residents, churches help children through Compassion International pro gram

OneNewsNow.com January 16, 2015

Compassion International keeps its promise to quake-striken Haiti

The Christian Post January 12, 2015

5 Years After Quake: Christian Group Delivers on Promise to Rebuild Haiti; Set to Open 30 New Schools for Over 25,000 Children

Sojourners January 12, 2015

On a Firm Foundation


Colorado Springs Business Journal November 26, 2014

Local presence combines with global influence

BREATHEcast November 13, 2014

The Rock & Worship Roadshow 2015 Tour Dates Announced; Lineup and Locations Set for February Start

World: Real Matters June 27, 2014

Hope and help for the poor

Religion News Service April 29, 2014

Survey: Most Americans say fighting global poverty is futile


Denver Business Journal November 26, 2013

Colorado Springs charity among largest in U.S.

Forbes November 25, 2013

Largest U.S. Charities for 2013

The Nonprofit Times November 1, 2013

The NPT 2013 Top 100

WREG-TV November 1, 2013

Compassion International

Stanford Social Innovation Review September 6, 2013

Sponsoring Hope: A Properly Designed Sponsor-a-Child program can have real, long-term impact on the life course of its beneficiaries

The Gazette July 21, 2013

Compassion International's Steady Growth Helps Colorado Springs Economy - and Kids Worldwide

Christianity Today June 14, 2013

Want to Change the World? Sponsor a Child.

Christianity Today March 18, 2013

Does International Child Sponsorship Work?

Denver Post March 16, 2013

Compassion International Gets New Chief and Favorable Report

Christianity Today March 13, 2013

Compassion Chooses Olympic Decathlete Turned Willow Creek Leader as New President


Huffington Post September 14, 2012

The Quality of Compassion

Huffington Post July 10, 2012

Stuff: An American Phenomenon

Huffington Post April 26, 2012

Taking the Malaria Fight Down to the Community Level


The Christian Post October 18, 2011

4 Out of 5 US Christians Feel Obligated to Help Solve Global Poverty, Study Finds

The Gazette October 7, 2011

Charity ratings outfit gives top marks to 9 Springs nonprofits

The Gazette October 7, 2011

Compassion's '58' film focuses on global poverty

Fox News September 15, 2011

The New Slavery -- Human Trafficking

Fox News June 6, 2011

Hollygood: Jeff Foxworthy, Country Duo The Roys Feel 'Blessed' to Help Impoverished Children

Charisma June 3, 2011

NFL Pro Bowler Aaron Kampman Fueled by Faith

Christianity Today April 18, 2011

Church 2 Church

The Christian Post January 13, 2011

From the Ground: In Haiti with the Broken, the Brokenhearted and the Faithful

The Huffington Post January 12, 2011

Street-Level Compassion, Street-Level Delivery in Haiti

The Christian Post January 9, 2011

Compassion Vows Holistic, Long-Term Commitment in Haiti

CBS Denver January 6, 2011

Colorado Man Trapped in Quake Returns to Haiti


NPR August 12, 2010

Christian Aid Groups Tread Lightly In Muslim World

Christianity Today May 2010

A Candle in the Darkness

Bloomington Pantagraph March 13, 2010

4,700 attend Hearts at Home National Conference at ISU


The Gazette September 18, 2009

Springs ministry thrives under CEO's compassionate leadership

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