Educational Interventions Gallery

Educational Interventions Gallery
  • Darwin Salcedo

    Nineteen-year-old Darwin Salcedo selects a book from a shelf in his university's library. He is studying industrial engineering through Compassion's Leadership Development Program in Colombia, which empowers young adults through higher education and Christian leadership training. Darwin has a passion for helping others; last year, he used his gift of music to help lead a group of drug addicts to accept Jesus as their Savior.

  • Students in class

    A teacher in a classroom writes in a notebook while students intently watch what she's writing. Through the Child Sponsorship Program, Compassion provides age-appropriate curriculum to our church partners to help minister to the children consistently. The curriculum is based on the outcomes we hope to see in in the four facets of child development: spiritual, physical, cognitive and socio-emotional.

  • Fellow Blewussi Kpodo

    Fellow Blewussi Kpodo holds up his slate board on which he has answered a question during class. Nine-year-old Fellow lives in Lomé, Togo with his father and three siblings. His mother died in an accident when he was little, and his father's job pays only US$60 per month, which isn't enough to feed the family. When Fellow was registered with Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program, it was cause for celebration around the world. Not only did it mean that Fellow would receive medical care, nutritious food, and help with school fees, but Fellow was also the one-millionth child actively registered with Compassion worldwide.

  • Classwork during school

    A young girl sits at her desk and completes her classwork during school. Education has always been a priority among the children Compassion serves. But does it work? An independent study shows us that it does! Former Compassion-sponsored children stay in school 1 to 1.5 years longer than their non-sponsored peers.

  • Eustache Salomon

    Eustache Salomon is studying social work through Compassion's Leadership Development Program in Haiti. He poses for a photo in the classroom at Haiti's Human Science College where he was sitting minutes before the January 2010 earthquake struck Port-au-Prince. Eustache was taking a break outside in the courtyard when many of his classmates died in the earthquake. Today, he helps dozens of other children deal with the stress of such a disaster.

  • Schoolwork on the blackboard

    A young girl writes on the blackboard with a green piece of chalk. The schoolhouse she attends classes is made of bamboo slats and a wood frame.

  • Amie Rose

    LDP student Amie Rose Cabiles pulls a library book from the shelf in the Phillippines. In the Philippines, 69 percent of primary school graduates from the poorest families continued into secondary school, compared with 94 percent of adolescents from the richest households.

  • Elizabeth Njoki in class

    Elizabeth Njoki shares a desk with another student in a small crowded classroom in Kenya. Elizabeth’s mother grows and sells vegetables. Elizabeth often helps her mother wash dishes and prepare the vegetables. Because of Compassion’s help with her school fees and other needs, Elizabeth’s parents are better able to provide food for their family.

  • Joanita Luyiga

    Joanita Luyiga's childhood was comfortable until her father died of AIDS. Though her mother continued to work as a farmer, the family fell deeper into poverty. Joanita was registered with Compassion's program, which she says gave her a vision and purpose for her future. Today, Joanita is studying information technology at Makerere University through the Leadership Development Program in Uganda. After graduation she plans to complete her master's degree and then work as a database manager.

  • Ester Edward

    17-year-old Ester Edward is teaching multiplication to a classroom of students in Tanzania. She hopes to attend college and become a teacher or lawyer.

  • Children raise their hands during class

    Children raise their hands to answer the teacher’s question as they sit at their desks. Education plays a significant role in releasing a child from poverty. An educated child is equipped with the tools to fight poverty and conquer disease.

  • Rubi Carmin Ore Torres

    14-year-old Rubi Carmin Ore Torres sits at a table reading the Bible with a classmate in Peru. Girls are more likely to suffer severe disadvantage and exclusion in education systems. In 2012, girls made up more than half – 63 million – of out of school children.