A woman and child stand in a garden
17 Gorgeous Photos of Gardens Around the World

In these gardens are vegetables — but also opportunities. Fruits are flourishing — and so are small businesses started by families living in poverty.

A boy shows clean water in Peru
20 Powerful Photos of Lives Changed by Clean Water

Access to safe water changes more than just a child’s health. It can improve their education outcomes and even their family’s financial situation.

A family sits outside of a straw hut
11 Remarkable Photos of "Tiny Homes" Around the World

Tiny homes are nothing new. People have lived in tiny homes for much of human history — and millions around the world still do.

A smiling family on a bed beside an open window
25 Powerful Photos of Children’s Rooms That Will Move You

Look beyond the surroundings to see children’s rooms that are still places of learning, dreaming, laughter and hope.

A boy peels a plantain over a two pots on a firepit
10 Fascinating Photos of Kitchens Around the World

Every kitchen tells a story. These intimate images show the remarkable ways that families in poverty cook their food and gather with loved ones to eat.

Large group of children in front of a church
15 Photos of Churches That Partner With Compassion

Each church that Compassion partners with must be located where the need is greatest and be willing to make a long-term commitment to children in the community.

Aerial view of Jakarta
9 Photos From One of the World’s Most Populous Cities

The large metro area of Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta has a population exceeding 30 million, making it the world’s second-most populous urban area, after Tokyo.

Boys race around the school playground kicking a soccer ball
9 Photos of the World’s Most Popular Sport

Soccer is so much more than a ball and two goals; it connects people from all of the corners of the world.

a young boy stands in a large canoe
15 Powerful Photos of the Journey From Child Slavery to Freedom

Millions of children around the world are trapped in child labor. These 15 photos capture the injustice 6-year old Ebenezer experienced.

Gathering water in Thailand
9 Photos That Show What It’s Like to Be Poor in Asia

The day-to-day routines in poor Asian communities grappling with extreme poverty can be vastly different from from our experiences in North America.

People stand on landfill sorting garbage
15 Photos of Life on a Landfill

Every day around the world, thousands of 'scrappers' head to local landfills before the fresh garbage arrives. They intend to search for plastic and metal to sell or somehow reuse.

A woman in colorful, traditional Bolivian clothes carrying a baby
8 Breathtaking Photos of Hardworking Moms Around the World

Being a mom is a big job. They face vast challenges yet persevere in working toward, praying for and believing in the best for their children.

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