a young boy stands in a large canoe
15 Powerful Photos of the Journey From Child Slavery to Freedom

Millions of children around the world are trapped in child labor. These 15 photos capture the injustice 6-year old Ebenezer experienced.

A family sits outside of a straw hut
11 Remarkable Photos of "Tiny Homes" Around the World

Tiny homes are nothing new. People have lived in tiny homes for much of human history — and millions around the world still do.

a girl sits on the floor of her bedroom
30 Stunning Pictures of Bedrooms in the Developing World

The bedroom is the one place we can shut out the world and curl up for sweet slumber at the end of a long day.

two boys hang upside down on monkey bars
30 Adorable Things Kids Say in Their Letters

Every once in a while, the things the kids we sponsor have written to us make us pause, laugh, and thank God that we get to be a part of their lives.

two boys hanging upside down on monkey bars
14 Playful Photos of Kids Being Kids

The best thing about working with kids around the world? No matter what country they are from, they LOVE to have fun.

a girl hugs a dog lying on the floor
10 Possessions Kids in Poverty Treasure the Most

What sponsored children value the most isn't necessarily new, or shiny, or expensive.

a girl stands next to a bicycle
25 Beautiful Photos of the World’s Favorite Transportation

In the developing world, a bicycle can mean so much more than just that thing that gets you from point A to point B.

a stuffed animal
When is a Toy More Than Just a Toy?

A glimpse into the powerful and magical world of toys in the lives of children in poverty — where a toy is more than just a toy.

a woman and boy laugh together
11 Wonderful Reasons to Be Thankful for Kids

They’re cute. They’re mischievous. And let’s face it — they make us smile.

two young girls hugging each other
Hug It Out!

These inspiring huggers will make your heart melt and motivate you to wrap your arms around someone to hug it out!

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