Dustin Tavella

  |   Posted: September 16, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – September 16, 2021 – Last night, during the “America’s Got Talent” grand finale on NBC, fan-favorite magician Dustin Tavella was named the winner of season 16, taking the $1 million prize and securing a headlining show in Las Vegas.

Dubbed a “born storyteller” by judge and show creator Simon Cowell, Tavella won over audiences with his uplifting messages, his devotion to his faith and family, and his genuine desire to love and serve others and make the world a better place.

As he shared in his “American’s Got Talent” audition, “I believe there are two kinds of magic. The first is the kind you see performed on stages. The second is the most real and most powerful magic that exists – it is the magic that happens when one individual makes the decision to positively impact another human life forever.”

But what you might not know about Tavella is his passion to come alongside children in poverty. That’s why he has partnered with Compassion International to make magic for more than 2 million children around the globe.

As soon as children are registered in Compassion’s program, they begin receiving many critical benefits, which may include food, educational assistance, medical checkups, health and hygiene education, social skill development, spiritual development, contextualized youth development opportunities, and emotional support.

Tavella says, “I love Compassion International because they make sure each child is not only supported financially, but relationally. It’s one thing to receive a check every month, but it is 100 times more significant to receive a friend and to receive a support system. As humans, we thrive off of human connection, and Compassion makes sure each child gets exactly that.”

Compassion is thrilled to partner with Tavella, who has a heart to inspire, challenge, and impact others.

Jordan Greiner, relationship manager at Compassion, shares, “Long before ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Dustin has had a heart for those less fortunate. You can see that reflected in his own family and in his history serving the homeless in Los Angeles. That heart carries over to children all over the world living in extreme poverty. We want to congratulate Dustin on last night’s victory, and we are so grateful to come alongside him to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.”