|   Posted: February 23, 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – February 23, 2021 – On February 21, Compassion International and Baylor University announced today the “Christian Collective for Social Innovation” (CCSI), another exciting initiative in their partnership to bring about global human flourishing for children and families in poverty.

The CCSI will create a trusted Christian platform where innovators will receive the capital, know-how, relationships, and publicity they’ll need to solve the world’s most significant challenges.

The first phase of the CCSI is the “Social Innovation Challenge,” which invites innovators and entrepreneurs across the world – including Baylor students and Compassion youth and alumni – to focus specifically on problems introduced into the educational systems in Central and South America during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Applicants will be invited to compete in a multi-phased review process; and finalists will be organized in a cohort, where they will receive funding, mentorship, and implementation support for viable solutions to these problems.

“Compassion registered children and youth, as well as our alumni, are great resources to help release this generation from poverty,” shared Sidney Muisyo, senior vice president of global program at Compassion. “Our goal is to bring together funding, organizations, mentors, cohorts, and youth to creatively solve social problems. We can partner with existing organizations who are early-stage entrepreneurs and innovators who can help Compassion youth become equipped and encouraged to join in as part of the solution.”

The second phase of the CCSI will be completed with Compassion and local church staff in Central and South America, where solutions from the “Social Innovation Challenge” will be implemented in a local context.

“Our aim is to change the world – and to empower people who know the problems, who know the issues, who’ve lived them and had that experience,” said Dr. Jeremy Vickers, associate vice president of external affairs at Baylor. “The Christian Collective for Social Innovation embodies the vision of connecting God’s people across the globe by leveraging our collective resources, sourcing innovations, and mentoring and empowering change-makers. When Christians engage in the work of solving the most pressing and complex issues around the globe, we believe the good news of God’s hope will spread throughout the world.”

To learn more or apply for the CCSI’s “Social Innovation Challenge,” innovators and entrepreneurs can visit baylor.edu/externalaffairs/compassion.

For more information on the Compassion-Baylor partnership, check out our partnership announcement.

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