Provide Medical Care for Children

Help sick or hurting children get the care they need

Quality medical care is out of reach for many children in the world today.

Children living in poverty are especially vulnerable to disease and sickness. Your gift provides a child in poverty access to medical care that would otherwise be nearly impossible to obtain, including emergency care that can literally save their life. Give today and change a life forever.


Children Under 5

die every day from preventable ailments.


Of Childhood Deaths

are caused by infectious diseases.


Children Face Malnutrition

resulting in stunted growth and development.

Your donation provides a child with access to otherwise unaffordable medical care and resources!

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Quality Treatments

A child can receive needed casts, wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, cancer treatments, hearing and eye care, and dental care.
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Emergency Care

Children are provided for when the unexpected happens — surgeries, transplants or other emergency needs.
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Consistent Diagnostic Screenings

Regular screenings and checkups prevent common illnesses and health issues.

Your contributions are stewarded wisely to help children around the world.

We're committed to the highest standards of financial integrity and accountability, only using money for the purpose it was raised, regularly performing audits to ensure our programs are well managed and funds are properly disbursed and applied. We balance low administrative and fundraising costs with high-quality programs.

of total expenses were for program development and delivery.
of total expenses went to fundraising to further advance the mission.
of total expenses went to administration to reach even more children.
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Every Day, Donors Like You Help Children like Steven

Eleven-year-old Steven was brutally attacked by teenage boys near his home. He was captured, bound, covered in gasoline and set on fire. He ran to a nearby river and was able to put out the fire. But none of the hospitals in his home country of Ecuador were equipped to deal with the severity of his burns, which covered more than 65% of his body.

Because of generous supports like you, the local Compassion center was able to send Steven to a hospital in the United States where a burn unit is providing him with the care he needs.

His family is praising God for his ongoing recovery! They are so thankful for the prayers and financial support they’ve received from supporters like you. More children like Steven are facing dangerous medical situations — you can step in to provide care.

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