Malaria is a disease that makes kids around the world sick. It's not found in the United States, but its a huge problem in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Many people living in poverty can't afford malaria medicine or can't get to a doctor.

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Malaria is caused by a bite from a mosquito infected with a parasite. About nine to 14 days after the bite, an infected person might start throwing up and get a fever, chills and headache. If the person gets medicine right away, the sickness usually goes away. If not, he or she might die.


Supplies Nets sprayed with chemicals can prevent malaria infection. The nets are draped over beds to keep mosquitoes away while people sleep.

Education Compassion workers teach families about what causes malaria and how to stop it from spreading.

Vaccines Scientists are working to create malaria vaccines, and groups like Compassion will work to make sure the vaccines are available to people in developing countries.

Early Detection and Treatment Medical tests and medicines of good quality need to be used correctly to reduce malaria. Compassion helps treat people with malaria.

Insecticide Spraying Spraying a special chemical on indoor walls of homes can fight malaria by helping to kill mosquitoes after they feed on a person.