Compassion Magazine Fall 2011

Compassion Magazine Fall 2011

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Called Into the Trenches

Recife, a city and surrounding region of more than 3 million people in northeastern Brazil, is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Tourists come to lounge on the beaches, swim in the warm ocean waters, and take in the area’s preserved Dutch Colonial architecture. Growing numbers of tourists also come for a sinister reason: to frequent the seamy world of child sex trafficking.



Featured Articles:
Battling Child Exploitation

Prevention is where Compassion puts the bulk of its energy, commitment and resources.

Drawing It Out

A child psychologist explains how children’s pictures offer a glimpse into their pain and clues for how to help them.

Resolved to Rescue, Restore and Redeem Hurting Children

Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., takes to heart Exodus 3. Pastor Chet Lowe shares about the heart of Calvary Chapel for protecting children from child trafficking.


A Just Cause

Two victims of child sexual abuse find a lifeline through a Compassion partnership with IJM.


The Promise and Call of Isaiah 58

Compassion has aligned with nine leading Christian organizations to end extreme poverty.


News and Views

Issues affecting children around the world.