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Youth Development
Equipping young people with the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviors to succeed

There's nothing like seeing a young person emerge from poverty as a true leader. That's what Compassion's Youth Development Program does — it equips youth ages 12 and older with customized training and educational paths according to their own unique potential, and God-given talents and purpose.

A student in a university lab

Through the provision of the Youth Development Program, students may receive assistance with formal education needs, nonformal education opportunities and income generation training.

  • Formal education includes access to secondary school, college and seminary, and preparation assistance for entrance exams.
  • Nonformal education includes vocational training, apprenticeships, assistance with job searches and computer skills, and enrichment camps and retreats.
  • Income generation training includes business skills education, the provision of equipment and materials to start businesses, and microenterprise opportunities.
Meet Satish Kumar

Compassion Alumni Satish Kumar talks about his childhood and what he has achieved with the help of his sponsors.

A Leadership Story

Meet Roseleah from Kenya. With her leadership training from Compassion, she is making a difference in her community.

Help a young person finish well.