Leadership Development

Leadership Development
Development through higher education and leadership training

There's nothing like seeing a young person emerge from poverty, go to college, and return home as a true leader. That's what Compassion's Leadership Development Program (LDP) does — it equips young Compassion-assisted men and women to become Christian leaders who can influence their own families, churches, communities and nations for eternity.

College students in Uganda throw their caps in the air at a Leadership Development Program graduation

Through the provision of the Leadership Development Program, Christian young men and women are studying in their own countries to get an undergraduate degree and developing and enhancing Christian leadership skills and abilities, all while promoting and modeling world citizenship.

Each student has met the following requirements:

  • Demonstrated strong evidence of Christian character and testified to God's leading in his or her life
  • Contributed significantly in secondary school, church, Compassion development center and community
  • Maintained outstanding academic performance, along with extracurricular activities
  • Was endorsed and recommended by both school and church
  • Contributed to school and community needs
  • Graduated from secondary school
  • Graduated from Compassion's sponsorship program
Meet Satish Kumar

Formerly sponsored child and Leadership Development Program graduate, Satish Kumar, talks about his childhood and what he has achieved with the help of his sponsors.

A Leadership Story

Meet Roseleah from Kenya. With her leadership training from Compassion, she is making a difference in her community.

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