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Church partnership - Partnership is at the center of what we do at Compassion. We not only partner with our sponsors and donors, but also with the local church around the world. So it’s worth understanding what we mean by partnership and how we partner with churches.

The word “partnership” is derived from the Latin word for “portion.” In partnership, we share a portion with each other.

Our church partnerships should achieve a vision that is mutually desired and that cannot be achieved by either partner acting alone.

Our church partnerships are founded on our identity in Christ and produce visible transformation and outcomes. Through our commitment to and relationship with one another, our church partnerships are revealing the face of God to the world and advancing His kingdom by releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Church Partnership
A Natural Combination

Our decision to partner with local churches is a strategic one. We believe local congregations are catalysts for community change and optimize the mutual respect, resources and common purpose critical in caring for children

A local church partner is always the implementer of our child development work. This is due to our desire to equip the church to fulfill its role as salt and light in its community.

church partnership

Compassion church partnerships have flourished for many years and that's why we keep doing them.

How Do We Decide Which Churches to Partner With?

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The concept of partnering with a church is simple enough, but what’s involved in choosing which churches we actually partner with? It’s relatively simple question with a somewhat involved answer.

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What Do We Mean By Partnership?

church partnership

A Compassion partnership is a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship between Compassion and another entity for the purpose of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name beyond the capacity of either partner individually.

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What Do We Consider a Strong Partnership?

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Relationship is central to partnership. True partnership requires the ability to set aside tasks and agendas long enough for the partners to listen to each other, identify their common mission, and understand what each partner can contribute.

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The Eight Dimensions of a Successful Partnership

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All successful partnerships share the same crucial ingredients: acceptance, forgiveness, complementary strengths, fairness, a common mission, trust, communication and unselfishness.

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Can a Church Partner "Graduate" From Compassion?

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Church partnership is a journey through several maturity stages. And we like it when we can say, "We have done this for a long time together, and now you, the church partner, can do it without us."

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