A young girl sitting alone on a trailer
A young girl sitting alone on a trailer

Highly Vulnerable Children

Help Children Vulnerable to Exploitation

Your donation helps to support and protect children vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, homelessness and trafficking.

Help us protect and rescue the most vulnerable.

“Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” — Psalm 82:4, NIV

As the hands and feet of Jesus, we’re called to be the rescue for those in need. Children living in poverty are at a high risk of kidnapping, trafficking and other critical situations. With your support, we can help children in immediate danger and protect them from future threats.

2 Million

children worldwide 

are caught in commercial sex trades


children die everyday 

from hunger-related causes

17.1 Million

children under 18 

have lost one or both parents to AIDS

Sources: www.childinfo.org, www.crin.org, www.who.int, www.unaids.org, www.unicef.org

How We Get Involved

Compassion depends on a network of local church partners to identify, intervene, protect and support children living in highly vulnerable circumstances. Please donate today to help children in poverty who need our protection most.

“We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Pray for God’s hand of protection over children who are in vulnerable situations. Pray that trusted adults in their lives would advocate for them, intervene where necessary and bring them to a place of safety. We want each child to experience the hope and healing of Jesus.

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Emotional Intervention

Prayer, counseling, rehabilitation and foster care for children who are hurting.
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Parental Support

Support can include legal resources to find missing children, trafficking prevention awareness, and income generating opportunities so that their children aren't exploited for income.
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Basic Human Needs

Medical care, nutritious food, shelter, clothing and shoes for children in immediate need.

Your contributions are stewarded wisely to help children around the world.

We're committed to the highest standards of financial integrity and accountability, only using money for the purpose it was raised, regularly performing audits to ensure our programs are well managed and funds are properly disbursed and applied. We balance low administrative and fundraising costs with high-quality programs.

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of total expenses went to fundraising to further advance the mission.
of total expenses went to administration to reach even more children.
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Your support helps children like Jefferson and Addison.

Twin brothers Jefferson and Addison were abandoned by their mother when they were just a year old. After their grandmother, Rosita, graciously stepped in to care for them, they were evicted from their home.

The family moved to a remote village without running water or electricity. Living in a home made of plastic bags, cooking what little food they had was extremely dangerous. One flame could set the home ablaze and leave the family homeless.

After Rosita registered the boys at the local Compassion center, the center staff stepped into the dangerous situation, gifting the family with running water, electricity and other essentials. Now, the boys are safe from the possibility of a fire and have what they need to thrive.

“My boys are studying, we always have food, and I feel closer to God…I feel happy and thankful for everything they [the Compassion center staff] are doing for me.” — Rosita, Jefferson and Addison’s grandmother

Donate Now

Charity For Highly Vulnerable Children

Through Compassion's Highly Vulnerable Children fund you have the opportunity to donate to children in highly vulnerable situations such as abuse, exploitation, trafficking, desertion and homelessness.

When you donate to children through this fund, you literally rescue children from the most vulnerable of circumstances. Together with the local church, we identify children in highly vulnerable situations and provide them with specialized care based on their individual needs. These children need you! When you donate to children through the Highly Vulnerable Children fund, your generous donation will provide benefits like:

  • foster care,
  • trauma counseling,
  • shelter,
  • and even legal assistance.

Your decision to donate to children through the Highly Vulnerable Children fund will not just rescue children and meet a short-term need, but will change a life forever.

Helping Children Where The Need is Greatest

For the world's most vulnerable children, life is not an opportunity to learn or grow, dream or play. It is a struggle for survival and safety. This fund offers a lifeline to children facing almost unimaginable hardship. Your generous donation will enable churches around the world to partner with Compassion to provide life-saving intervention to children who truly need it the most. Please help now. A child in danger is waiting for you.