How You Can Help a Pregnant Mother Right Now

Women face a scary reality when giving birth in developing countries. 99% of all deaths during pregnancy and childbirth occur in developing countries, and only one in four women have a skilled birth instructor present during labor and delivery. To bring new life into the world, they may be asked to offer up their own.

But you can change all this for a pregnant mother, right now.

Your support will provide essential care and encouragement that a mother-to-be needs to thrive and survive. Through a local church, a mother receives quality prenatal care, regular home visits, nutritious food and birth assistance. Once her baby is born, she will also receive training to help the child reach important milestones in early development. Other mothers in the Survival program (through her local church) will help support her as she shares struggles, triumphs and prayer requests during pregnancy and as she raises her little one in an environment of poverty.

Will you support a pregnant mother right now with your gift?

plate and fork iconBasic Needs & Nutrition

Safe water, healthy food, vitamins and shelter when needed.

Health Care icon of stethoscopeHealth Care Interventions

Prenatal care, birth assistance and post-natal care.

heart iconSupport & Love

Home visits, emotional and spiritual support, parenting workshops, income-generating opportunities and fellowship time with other moms.

occur in developing countries

4.5 Million
within the first year of life in 2015 alone

due to pregnancy and childbirth issues


Sandamali and childEveryday, We Help Moms Like Sandamali

Through the Compassion Survival Program, Sandamali is being empowered to discover her confidence after experiencing a lifetime of abuse, rejection and fear due to epilepsy.

Sandamali conceived her precious baby girl within an abusive relationship and took the brave step to remove the father from her life. With a history of epilepsy, she was unable to find work and was often rejected by her community. Despite her circumstance, Sandamali continued to pray that God would protect her and her growing family.

At five months pregnant, Sandamali was welcomed into the survival program at her local church and began to receive prenatal care to prepare for a healthy birth and medication to minimize the effects of her epilepsy. Now a single mother to a precious baby girl, Sandamali is provided the support and encouragement she needs to thrive.

"After registration into the program, I have stopped thinking about what I cannot do and have begun thinking about what I can do with the chance I have received with God’s blessings."

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With Compassion, your donation is used wisely to help children around the world.

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Compassion Survival for Mothers in Poverty

Compassion's Survival is a powerful way to help mothers escape the cycle of poverty. Your support will help mothers to give their babies the best possible life, despite the difficulties of living in poverty. The odds are already stacked against mothers and their babies born in poverty, and Survival offers an opportunity to change this reality. Your prayers and financial support are invaluable.

Compassion Survival works through the local church to help mothers learn to care for their babies. Mothers learn about breastfeeding and safe food preparation. They receive food supplements, vitamins and spiritual support. When their babies are ready to be born, a birth attendant and advocate is with them.

With Compassion, you can have confidence that the money you give to Survival will directly help mothers in desperate need. When you hear the stories of the way God is changing lives through this program, you can't help but get involved.