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Your donation to Compassion Survival helps us to provide the following services to mothers and babies:

Sprout iconBasic Nutrition

Healthy food, nutritional supplements, immunizations and growth monitoring.

Health Care icon of stethoscopeHealth Care Interventions

Pre and post-natal care for mom and baby, medical resources, advocacy for fair treatment in local facilities, and birth assistance.

Heart iconSupport & Love

Biblical mentoring and fellowship, home visits, parenting workshops, a safe place for babies to play and grow, and income-generating training to combat long-term poverty.

Meet Kate, Rahuma and Juliet, and their precious baby daughters from Uganda. Despite living under difficult circumstances of extreme poverty, these six-month-old babies and their moms are healthy, joyful and thriving.

Kate and Pamela
A mother holding her baby

When we first met Kate, she was a single mother of two with a third on the way. Struggling on her own, she felt voiceless and alone. “When I joined the center, I felt like I couldn’t speak, I had lost hope. The father (to Pamela) had abandoned us. I was so hurt and didn’t even know if I could give birth. Compassion was my intervention,” states Kate. Just over six months later, Kate has found her voice! She is fully immersed in a loving community that empowers her, prays for her and cares for her and her family. Her baby Pamela is getting the love and care she deserves to grow healthy and strong.

Rahuma and Faith
A mother holding her baby

Rahuma experienced a very difficult labor, but with the advocacy of Compassion staff member Lydia, she was able to get the medical intervention she needed to deliver a healthy baby girl. “When we come to the center each month, we start by doing devotions and are taught many different skills. Today, we are learning about saving money and micro-enterprise opportunities in our community. We’ve also been learning about nutrition and how we can prepare high protein porridge as she is getting ready to need something more than milk. The other thing they do here is weigh and measure Faith to make sure that she is meeting her milestones,” says Rahuma.

Juliet and Christine
A mother holding her baby

Earlier in the year, baby Christine got the flu but was able to get a referral and go to the clinic with the help of the church. At Compassion, Juliet has been learning how to make a nutrient-rich porridge and about the importance of having a routine. “We’ve been learning each month about different skills,” says Juliet. “Today it’s about sewing [sanitary] pads for our monthly periods. They also check up on Christine by measuring and weighing her. I am now part of a class learning how to do hairdressing every Monday. You can see I’ve done Christine’s hair.”

To read more about their stories, visit the Compassion blog.


were attended by a skilled healthcare professional

were in the normal weight range

were born full-term


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