Now 25, Jhoel in Peru grew up attending his local church’s Compassion center, which changed his life. Now he’s is a leader in his church and is dedicated to a life of service in Jesus’ name.

Dear Prayer Partner,

My mom says God began working in my life even before I was born. When she was pregnant with me, the doctor told her she was at risk of miscarriage. My aunts encouraged her to pray and give it all to the Lord, and I was born healthy!

My mom worked to support us with sewing, cleaning houses and washing people’s clothes. Despite the scarcity around us, I never felt we lacked anything. My mom instilled in us the desire to excel in life, to aim for more and to seek God.

My time at the Compassion center was life changing. Our mentors believed in us and saw potential in us. I was inspired and encouraged to study the Bible on my own, and I developed a heart for service. I was transformed. I surrendered my life at the feet of Jesus, and my life has never been the same.

I know I’m called to be a light in the darkness. God gives me strength and courage. I share my faith every chance I get. The center gave me a spiritual legacy. It’s my greatest treasure. It led me to my Lord and Savior and great godly friends and mentors. I see in them living examples of what it means to live for God. I love God, and I love serving him and his church. I pray he continues to give me resources to serve him and help people wherever I go. I’m very grateful! Amen.




  • Praise God for peace in an area of Kenya that has struggled with civil unrest. Children and families have been able to return to normal activities.
  • Give thanks that a church partner in Indonesia that was damaged by fire has resumed normal activities. Materials for repairs were provided, and work is currently underway.
  • Praise God for helping Laude, Amjurey and Erika in the Philippines complete their university degrees with the highest honors.