This month, our letter of gratitude comes from Daniel, a senior public relations specialist for Compassion Kenya. We hope you feel challenged and encouraged by his words!

Dear Prayer Partner,

When I think of gratitude, my mind immediately goes to 2007, when Kenya experienced one of the worst crises ever after the disputed presidential election. I had just lost my dad a year before and so we were trying to rebuild our lives together with my mam and six siblings.

By the grace of God, we still had our family business, which kept us going. However, after the election results were announced, everything turned upside down. Our family shop was broken into and everything was stolen. We were forced to flee to Nairobi with nothing.

We were hosted by relatives, but life was difficult. One thing we did not forget to do, however, was thank God for his protection.

After around six months, my mam got a job and we were then able to get a place to stay and God provided our school fees. Today, the seven of us have gone through college and God has blessed us with jobs. God has restored everything that the devil had stolen.

I pray for all children in our program to understand that, regardless of the situation, God is still at work. Will you pray that with me this month?

In Him,

Compassion Kenya 


  • We praise God that the local conflict in Wamena, Indonesia, is calming down and that the affected center has reopened.
  • We praise God that the 1,514 children in Burkina Faso affected by recent flooding received relief support from Compassion, and the national office is helping with reconstruction or building repairs.
  • We praise God for his provision of materials and funding for reconstruction after a fire impacted a frontline church partner in Togo.
  • We praise God for his protection over children, their families and frontline church partners in Kenya as they have not been directly affected by a locust invasion.

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