Dear prayer partner,

When you need a drink of water or a hot shower, you can simply turn a knob or push a button. But many children around the world can’t. A child often has to walk for miles to obtain water — and even then it may be dirtied by animals and unsafe to drink.

In May, we’re praying for children who are forced to drink unsafe water. They’re at risk of waterborne diseases like dysentery, which can cause life-threatening digestive issues. These sicknesses can also keep a child out of school, which weakens their education. In turn, this can keep them from a good job later on. That’s because a child is multifaceted — damage in one area can affect every other. But being healthy can benefit every part of daily life!

From reusable water filters to new wells, children need sources of clean water to drink from. A child needs to feel healthy to grow a strong mind and to confidently speak up for themselves and others. So let’s pray for all children to have access to safe water.

This month, pray that God uses generous believers and Compassion staff members to bring clean water to children in need. Pray for their protection from harmful water. Pray that kids can be hopeful as they wait for safe water. Pray that as each child receives clean water, they will be pointed to the living water only Jesus provides.

This month, pray that God continues to use Compassion staff to provide hope and tangible resources for all of the children they serve, including those with disabilities. Pray that parents will have renewed wisdom and endurance in the day-to-day challenges of caregiving. Pray that God works in the hearts of every child, lifting each head high and offering hope for the future.


  • Praise God that Warittha in Thailand is successfully graduating from high school! She hopes to get into college and begin a career. Warittha has also recently become a believer, so she is growing in her faith as she enters the next stage in her life.

  • Praise God that sponsored child Anielka in Nicaragua had successful surgery on her leg, which was dislocated when she was 3 years old. Due to a heart condition, her leg could not be operated on for many years. Because of the recent surgery, Anielka was able to walk for the first time at the age of 13!

  • Praise God that the families of sponsored children affected by flooding in Sri Lanka have been supported to rebuild their homes. Compassion centers damaged by flooding have also reopened!