This month, our letter of gratitude comes from Mónica, who works in our Compassion Mexico office. I hope you feel challenged and encouraged by her words!

Dear Prayer Partner,

What an unexpected year 2020 was, right? And this may sound crazy, but I hope 2021 might be just as unexpected, because in a time where we didn’t see lockdown coming, we also did not expect to find so many ways to keep moving.

I don’t know about you, but I think I have cried way more in 2020 than in any other year! But they were not all tears of pain. Some were tears of joy as I watched the churches we serve alongside going above and beyond to keep taking care of the children and their families, despite the hardships they are also facing.

We have seen a trainer taking time to visit and motivate his students. A center has written stories that have both educated and entertained the children. An 11-year-old is growing her own herb garden in order to support her parents. I have seen so many tutors still teaching, being creative, encouraging, and caring deeply for the children.

So, I am very thankful for God’s care and blessings, and for his consistent, never-failing protection and love amid uncertainty. I pray that we can keep seeing his glory in many more ways, expected and unexpected!

In Him,

Mónica Ávalos
Public Relations Specialist
Compassion Mexico 


  • We praise God for the safe delivery and arrival of a Compassion Tanzania staff member’s baby.
  • We praise God that the weather has cleared in Sri Lanka and there are no longer heavy rains and winds.
  • We praise God that the seven children in Nicaragua whose families were affected by Hurricane Zeta were supported by the church and are now back in their homes.
  • We praise God that 14 children in the Philippines whose homes were damaged by recent flooding received needed support and are now back in their homes.
  • We praise God for the donor gift Aura and her family in Guatemala received, which allowed them to move to a safer home. Pray that God would bless the supporter.

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