Dear Prayer Partner,

This year, we’ve been reflecting on the theme “Faith Like a Child.” In January, I urged you to pay attention to how the children in your life show both vulnerability and strength. What did you see? Were you inspired?

I was certainly blown away by the children whose stories were shared in this year’s prayer calendars. There was Maya in Bolivia who prayed for three years that God would heal her dad. And there was Jhoel in Peru who developed a relationship with Jesus through his Compassion center. And there was Evie in South Carolina, who reminded us that it’s “important to pray because if you didn’t pray, you would lose hope.”

But it’s easy to overlook children at times, right? In the rush of life, we can pass by a child without a second thought. I know I have. But I’m trying to slow down and see — really see — children in my presence. And I urge you to as well.

My predecessor as president and CEO of Compassion International, Dr. Wess Stafford, has said, “Every child you encounter is a divine appointment.” How true that is! And how great of a challenge for us to recognize the opportunity and responsibility we have to the children in our lives.

Thank you for joining me in praying for children and families around the world this year as a Prayer Partner. It’s a blessing to have you as part of this invaluable ministry.

In Christ, Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado
President and CEO
Compassion International



  • Thank God for church staff members in Indonesia who work tirelessly to serve and care for children in poverty in their communities.
  • Give thanks that security and telecommunications have been restored in an area of Burkina Faso. Local church partners have been able to resume some activities with children.
  • Praise God for the opportunity to start a new Survival Initiative at a church in Kenya. Pray that God would bless the efforts of the staff and volunteers.