Dear prayer partner,

Mzazi or Mama. Baba or Padre. No matter what title they are given or where they live, mothers and fathers have a huge impact on each of their children. They give their children the tools to face life as adults and the chance to succeed.

In March, we are praying for parents around the world as they seek to care for and protect their children. Parenting is hard by nature, but it becomes all the more difficult when a family is in poverty. Choices that would be tough under normal circumstances become agonizing. No matter how badly they want their children to succeed, many parents struggle to give them what they need. They simply don’t have the resources, the skills or the funds. But they are still working to give their kids a good childhood.

Join me in praying for strength, wisdom and practical necessities like stable jobs for parents around the world — who are trying their best in the hard situations they find themselves in. They need encouragement and hope to continue raising their children in a positive and God-honoring way. Their kids are depending on them.

This month, ask God to work through Compassion staff as they assist parents of children in Compassion programs. Pray that parents will be supported mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally through the ongoing efforts of staff around the world. Pray that parents will be given new strength and hope from the One who can renew their strength.


  • Praise God that Siwakorn is graduating from high school this month in Thailand! He is trusting God for clear direction about whether to attend a university immediately or find work to save money before continuing his education.
  • Praise God for the 65 new program participants at a new Compassion center in Zambia. The 65 children are the first to come to this church and receive support through Compassion. For the first time, these kids have a network of support and loving Christians who care for them.
  • Praise God that Gabriel’s mother, Cruz, has recently graduated from school as a nurse in the Dominican Republic. She is currently looking for a job.