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When you join Compassion International's Prayer Partner Network, you will receive a monthly prayer calendar via e-mail at the end of each month.

The monthly prayer calendar will help you pray consistently for "the least of these." Please take a few minutes each day to pray for a child and commit the child's need to our loving Father.

A Message From Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado
Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado with a group of Bolivian children

Dear Prayer Partner,

A lot of issues and obligations vie for our attention, don’t they? Whenever you try to close your eyes and quiet your mind, something sneaks in. An item for the grocery list. A forgotten birthday. An errand you’ve been putting off.

All of these distractions can make it hard to focus. That’s why, for 2019, we want to help you find some focus in your prayer life. Each month, we will focus on a cause — and its corresponding day of awareness. It’s just a small tool to help you find that focus and lift up the needs of children around the world.

This month, we begin with Human Trafficking Awareness Day, which is Jan. 11. Compassion’s focus on human trafficking is primarily in preventing children from being exploited or forced into labor, slavery or prostitution. Prevention looks like children being surrounded by loving, attentive adults. Like parents who have hope that there are other options. Like children who know their rights, and know who to go to when those basic human dignities are threatened.

This month, will you join us in praying for safety for the children we serve? Will you pray that our staff will be vigilant in looking for signs of abuse and exploitation? And will you pray that moms and dads will see their children as God intended — as His beautiful, precious children?

Thank you for joining us for another year of prayers and praises for all that God has done and will continue to do!

In Christ,

Jimmy Mellado signature (first name only)
Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado 
President and CEO
Compassion International 

  • We praise God that Mariana’s parents in Bolivia found jobs! They are both working at the same place, which also provided them with a place to live.
  • We praise God that Burkina Faso had a great rainy season this year! The country endured a food crisis the last several months and the rain should ease that shortage.
  • We praise God that the measles epidemic in Peru is over and there were no casualties.
  • We praise God that the low-pressure system over El Salvador that brought heavy rains and destruction has moved on and families can begin to make repairs.