A Message From Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado

Dear Prayer Partner,

Have you ever noticed how often the Bible refers to hunger? It is filled with examples of us hungering for God. Jesus ministers with food and talks about feeding the hungry. He even refers to Himself as the Bread of Life.

Maybe it’s because hunger is such a powerful feeling.

When we’re hungry it’s hard to think of anything else. That’s one of the reasons our Compassion staff and volunteers around the world must address the physical poverty of the children they serve — including hunger and malnutrition.

How can a child understand the love of God if he or she hasn’t eaten? If all they can think about is where their next meal will come from?

That’s why World Food Day is so important. It’s a day to remind us that, around the world, millions of people don’t have enough food to eat. This month, will you commit to praying at each meal for those children who are suffering from hunger? Will you pray against stunted growth and learning delays that result from a lack of nutritious food? Please remember our local church partners as they strive to care for each child. And finally, pray for the moms and dads who are working so hard to put food on their tables. Pray that the support of partners like you will alleviate some of the burdens of poverty and provide ways for them to feed their families.

Thank you, as always, for praying for these children we serve together, and for praying for the physical need of food this month.

In Christ,

Jimmy Mellado signature (first name only)
Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado 
President and CEO
Compassion International 


  • We praise God that Joseph from Ghana, who needed prayer for hernia surgery, had a successful surgery and is back home.
  • We praise God that none of our children or family members were affected by the recent heavy rains and flooding in the western, central and southern provinces of Sri Lanka.
  • We praise God that none of our families were affected by the recent Arenavirus outbreak in La Paz, Bolivia.
  • We praise God that none of our children in Kasese, Uganda, were affected by the recent Ebola outbreak.

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