Gift Ideas for Sponsored Children

Gift Ideas for Sponsored Children
  • sturdy backpack
  • simple toys such as jump ropes, jacks, marbles, toy cars
  • dolls and doll clothes
  • soccer balls, Frisbees, baseballs, mitts (deflate for travel and bring a pump!)
  • picture books or coloring books
  • colored pencils, crayons or markers
  • sunglasses & hats
  • hair ribbons & barrettes
  • candy (nothing that melts)
  • bubbles
  • bookmarks
  • stickers
  • lotion & perfume (for girls)
  • nail polish & remover (for girls)
  • board games, such as checkers or chess
  • school supplies
  • water bottle
  • puzzles
  • engraved charm bracelets
  • hygiene items such as deodorant, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste & nail clippers

*Unfortunately, we are unable to provide detailed information concerning sizes for children/family members

Gift Ideas for LDP Students
  • worship CDs
  • engraved study bible
  • books on leadership and/or Christian development
  • devotionals
  • blank journals
  • field of study materials
  • calculator (solar powered or extra batteries included)
  • *small cameras
  • *iPods or other small digital music systems
  • basic school supplies
  • sports team apparel (caps & shirts)
  • personalized laptop bag or briefcase
  • wristwatch
  • modest jewelry with a Christian emphasis
  • inspirational pictures or artwork
  • *laptop (please contact us if you are considering bringing your student a laptop)

*Most students have access to internet through their campus, library or a friend/family member.

Please ensure that reading material is in your student's language.

Tips & Pointers
  • Too many gifts may be overwhelming, so we recommend limiting gifts to a backpack or tote.
  • Don't forget your child's parents and siblings! A gift for the entire family is greatly appreciated (towels, kitchen utensils, sheets, toiletries, etc.) You may also want to bring something small for the project worker who may accompany your child on your visit.
  • A current picture or photo album of your family will be a treasure for years to come!
Contact Trips and Visits

Please call (800) 336-7542, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MT, or send an e-mail to