Custom Visits

Visit Sponsored Children

Custom Visits

Whether you want to visit a student center or meet your sponsored child, we will facilitate your visit by coordinating all the logistics and providing an in-country visit host.

We request a minimum of eight weeks advance notice to coordinate a visit. Visit requests with less than eight weeks advance notice will be considered on a case by case basis, and approvals are limited.

Contact Custom Visits

Please call (800) 336-7542, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MT, or send an e-mail to

A teenage girl squats down next to her sponsored child

The typical custom visit can include:

  • A visit at your child’s home
  • A tour of your child’s development center
  • A meal together
  • A fun outing to a local attraction, such as a park or zoo

Our staff can recommend the best location and activities for your visit, taking your preferences into account.

An older man sits among a crowd of African children

Visiting a child development center is an ideal way to experience our work work first-hand.

  • All child development center visits take place in a city where a Compassion country office is located. You will find a list of corresponding cities and countries in the request form.
  • We will provide a trained guide for your visit.

a group of adults and children play musical chairs

A typical group visit can include:

  • Bringing the sponsored children to the group’s location (such as hotel) or a Compassion child development center.
  • Arranging an outing for all the sponsored children to gather at a fun local attraction, such as a park or zoo.
  • Hosting a meal with your sponsored child.

Two sponsors with their sponsored child“When we arrived at the center in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Genesis (our sponsored child) came RUNNING through the courtyard to meet us … I fell into a complete puddle of mush! I wish that I could put into words what the entire experience was like, but I’m still processing it all. It is for sure something that we will never forget! I am forever changed.”

Two sponsors with their sponsored child“All my worries about it maybe being awkward and we wouldn't have things to talk about were squashed immediately with Jonathan’s enthusiasm to meet me as he greeted me with a big hug and huge smile! So cute! … It was really special and I’ll never forget it!”

donna.jpg“I looked up and there he was! I knew him, nearly knocked over the table getting to him, and cried (as I knew I would) as we hugged for a long time! … I spent nearly the entire weekend in tears! Everyone we met has been so warm and welcoming, gracious, kind and open with us. It was very difficult to leave.”

mandy.jpg“I immediately went over and embraced him. I couldn't believe my eyes. The boy to whom I had been writing letters and sending photos was standing next to me in the flesh. How grown up and handsome he looked at 14 years of age!"

maya.jpg“I am so grateful for this privilege to be able to make such a difference in someone’s life. More than that, I realize how significant my visit has been to the children. It was one of the most rewarding days I have experienced.”