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How Sponsors Helped Reunite a Family in Africa

The Church steps up to help a girl missing her father.

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Critical Needs Honduras
Operation Grocery Delivery
When Honduras went into lockdown due to COVID-19, over 200 Compassion-assisted child development centers had to temporarily close. Find out how a group of dedicated staff worked with some VERY high officials to make sure children were still fed and cared for!
Eva sits in her classroom
Critical Needs Guatemala
Protection Against Violence
At home, Eva was surrounded by violence, but she found refuge at her Compassion center. Learn how her story inspired staff to transform an entire community.
Child Sponsorship Indonesia
What Does Cognitive Development Have to Do With Child Protection?
The knowledge and problem-solving skills that sponsored children learn in Compassion's program can break the generational poverty cycle.

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Survival Bangladesh
An End to Their Chronic Hunger
Kanti had only rice to eat. Her baby? Only water. Here’s how donors helped rescue them from malnutrition.
kids show off their new toothbrushes
Child Sponsorship Ecuador
Big, Beautiful Smiles
With children as young as toddlers experiencing tooth decay in a rural community in Ecuador, Compassion's local church partner took action.
Critical Needs Honduras
"I Beat Dengue"

Rafael got infected with severe dengue and spent almost a month hospitalized in the capital city’s public hospital. Doctors doubted his healing, but Rafeal wouldn’t give up.

Country Trips El Salvador
Unforgettable Family Trip

When a U.S. family travels to El Salvador to visit their sponsored child and her mother, they discover a common connection more powerful than any differences.

Child Sponsorship Colombia
Speaking Against the Lies

Sharith thought she was stupid until teachers at her Compassion center helped her see the truth.

The Journey Prayer Guide

The Journey Prayer Guide
Day 9: Education for Parents
The Journey Prayer Guide
Day 10: Children With Special Needs
The Journey Prayer Guide
Day 11: Exploited Children
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Week 20 - A Grand Reopening
Sri Lanka Survival Mother's Day
Week 19 - Happy Mother’s Day
El Salvador Highly Vulnerable Children
Week 18 - Rebuilding Hope

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