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Information about our child sponsorship rate change

Every sponsor has their own specific reasons for choosing the individual children they sponsor. But a common reason why people sponsor is because of their own gratefulness to God for their salvation and his blessings. They want children to have the opportunity to know salvation and purpose through Christ.

That’s exactly how sponsorship makes a world-changing difference!

We remain committed to this life-changing work. But inflation, drought and economic instability have increased the amount of money churches need to fund effective child development programs.

Monthly sponsorship donations have remained the same for the past 14 years, and maintaining the effectiveness of these programs has become more difficult with each passing year.

After much prayer and discussion, we changed the monthly sponsorship donation amount to $43. Please review the letter we are sending you with more information about this important change, and prayerfully consider this important increase to help us not only continue to serve your sponsored child — and every child in a Compassion program — but to grow to change the lives of children everywhere as we expand God’s kingdom. For more information about the benefits of sponsorship, please visit our page about child sponsorship.

Your generosity will ensure that, despite growing inflation, Frontline Church Partners are equipped to continue releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name

Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing your child sponsorship rate now?

Over the past few years, our world has faced unprecedented challenges: a pandemic, global food crisis, the war in Ukraine, and inflation. We strive to be good stewards of the resources you entrust us to. Prayerfully, we use the donations we receive to equip our frontline churches so they can support healthy development for the children we serve in all aspects – spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and economically. However, we are finding our dollars are stretched as far as they can go. This has marked the longest period without a rate change in Compassion’s history, and our current rate is making it difficult to fund effective child development programs.

Because of these factors, and after prayer and consideration, we made the decision to change our child sponsorship rate to $43. This decision was not taken lightly. Before deciding on a rate change, we researched to understand the impact this could have on our ministry. $43 is an amount that allows us to continue fulfilling our promise to equip our frontline churches with the resources they need, while balancing the financial ask to our supporters.