|   Posted: December 10, 2021

Joselen was able to reunite with her twin sister, Cintya, at their Compassion center

“There’s a girl in church who looks a lot like me,” said Joselen to her grandmother, Fabiola, upon returning home from her first day at the church’s Compassion center. Abandoned by her parents, 9-year-old Joselen had lived with Fabiola since she was a baby. She had no idea that she had a twin sister, Cintya, living with a relative in another town. Fabiola realized immediately that Cintya’s adopted family had moved into the community and that, amazingly, both girls were registered at the same Compassion center! Today, at age 12, Cintya says, “Jesus allowed me to meet my sister again. And she is my best friend.”

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