God Answered my Prayers!

God Answered my Prayers!

By: Virna Segovia in Nicaragua, with Brandy Campbell   |   Posted: February 12, 2007

Belkis Rodriguez sits on her new bed that was made possible by a gift from her sponsors.

MANAGUA, Nicaragua A single lamp illuminated a one-room home in Managua, Nicaragua. Belkis Rodriguez, a small, dark-haired 6-year-old, kneeled in the corner, saying her prayers before she went to bed. After she whispered "amen," she laid on the dirt floor and covered herself with a thin blanket. Her little body was racked with coughs, as her breathing was labored, symptoms of chronic bronchitis caused by years of sleeping on the damp floor.

A Very Sick Child

Belkis, who attends the Rebanito de Jesú³ “´udent Center, was tired of being sick. When she was just an infant her mother abandoned Belkis and her brothers, and they were taken in by her grandmother, Maria. Although Maria dearly loved her grandchildren, she could not afford many of the things they needed, including a bed for little Belkis. Since age 1, Belkis had slept on the floor, often with Maria lying nearby, trying to keep her granddaughter warm.

When Belkis was accepted into the Rebanito de Jesú³ “´udent Center, her grandmother was thrilled. Her granddaughter now had access to an education and nutritious food. However, her health deteriorated as she continued to sleep on the floor of her grandmother's home. Medication helped, but Maria didn't know how much longer Belkis' weakened lungs could handle sleeping on the cold, damp floor.

The Faithful Prayers of a Little Girl &

Maria refused to give up, and she encouraged little Belkis to pray. So for three months, Belkis prayed faithfully and specifically: "Lord, I ask You for a little bed. I don't want to sleep on the floor anymore. I just don't want to be sick all the time."

Thousands of miles away, Belkis' sponsors prayed about sending her a gift. Without even knowing the specific needs of the little girl who smiled at them from her photo and drew them beautiful pictures, Belkis' sponsors sent a special monetary gift that was just enough to buy the bed Belkis had been praying for so faithfully.

& Are Heard by God

Belkis has a new bedtime routine now. After her grandmother helps her brush her long, dark hair, the two kneel by her new bed to say their evening prayers. Her prayers for her family are now followed by a new prayer of thanksgiving not only for her bed, but also for a family she's never met who God used to answer her prayers.

"I want to meet my sponsors one day," says Belkis, "so I can tell them that God answered my prayers through them!" 

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