Discovery of a Deadly Condition

Discovery of a Deadly Condition

The discovery of a life-threatening heart condition explains why Victoria always wanted to sleep.

By: Vera Mensah-Bediako, Ghana Field Communication Specialist and Leura Jones, Contributing Writer   |   Posted: January 03, 2011

Thanks to the Complementary Interventions (CIV) Fund, Victoria's life was saved and today she is an energetic and vibrant girl.

Victoria Kai Narh was known as the lazy child. She always had an excuse to avoid doing chores or running errands. She would go to school only because her mother chased her, and once she got to school, Victoria's teacher kept sending her home because she complained of feeling ill.

It got to the point where her teacher felt she should just quit school.

"Everybody would say that I was telling lies and that I was just a lazy child," says Victoria, now 12.

Just a Routine Checkup

Then, three years ago, the Bethel Presby Child Development Center opened up in Ghana, and Victoria was registered. The center's staff noticed that Victoria was an energetic and active child who wanted to keep up with the others, but she was just too fragile.

As a registered child, Victoria underwent a routine health screening that ended up saving her life. Tests confirmed that her problem was not laziness but a hole in her heart.

Workers at Victoria's center wrote a proposal to obtain Complementary Intervention (CIV) funding for her necessary surgery. Within a short time Victoria was admitted into the hospital, where her surgery was successfully performed. After a two-week stay in the hospital, she was sent home to recover.

"When she came home we had to take very good care of her after the surgery. So Compassion Ghana came in and supported her and the family with some food supplements and all other basic things that could make her healing and recovery very fast," explained the Compassion-assisted center facilitator.

Restoration for a Child
Today, Victoria is a different child. She plays games that she could only watch before. She even challenged the center workers to a race to show them how fit she was. Though she did not win, it was a very joyful moment for all of them. Victoria was able to finish the race with no tiredness and no complaints.

"Since Victoria returned from the hospital, (she) is different," her mother, Flora, confirms. "She can now do chores; she can draw water for the house and sweeps. She now washes her own clothes!"

Flora believes without the intervention of Compassion, she would have lost her daughter. "If it had not been for Compassion, I would not have been seeing Vic now. But by the grace of God, I still have her in my hands and in good health. So I first of all thank God; secondly I thank her sponsor very much and all the Compassion workers. I thank them all and ask Jehovah to bless them."

The little girl once known as "lazy" is relieved to now be living a normal life. "Since I got treated, I feel happy," she says. "I thank Compassion that they have treated me and now I can do everything."

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