Chief Program Officer
Sidney Muisyo

Sidney lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado – but always considers Kenya and Africa his home.

Sidney began his work with Compassion International in 2002 in the Compassion Kenya office, serving in various roles, including communications specialist and manager of sponsor and donor ministries, before becoming our Africa regional vice president.

In his current role since 2019, Sidney now leads 2,700 staff from 29 countries and drives Compassion’s program strategy and approach to holistic development for over 2.2 million children and youth. Compassion serves through partnerships with over 8,000 individual frontline churches.

Sidney is passionate about leadership development for church leaders and the youth. He believes that dynamic and outcome-oriented leadership is essential to addressing complex phenomena such as poverty.

He has a B.A. in communications, an M.A. in leadership studies, and has completed his doctoral coursework on organizational leadership. In addition, he enjoys studying and teaching Scripture and world literature, and loves spending time with his family.